Archangel Barachiel – Rehabilitation Through Faith

Archangel Barachiel, the chief angel of blessings, comes to you to direct you towards different ways of spiritual rehabilitation that will draw you closer to God and ensure you harvest His numerous blessings.

When you feel like you are lost in vices and controlled by your addictions, remember that it is on your knees, in the presence of God, that you will get healing and harvest the most blessings.

Making The Decision To Get Rehabilitation

Archangel Barachiel knows that you feel tired and worn out and understands that you are in need of recovery. We all go through a path in life, and our spirit keeps warning us that we have lost our way and denies us peace until we go back.

Sometimes we are caught up in bad habits such as indulging in drug abuse, leading a lustful lifestyle, and letting our addictions lead us.

The story of the prodigal son is a popular tale of forgiveness and redemption. After squandering his entire inheritance on vice and addiction, a broken son wanted to repent and beg his father to take him back as one of his servants to make up for his selfish deeds.

His father received him with great love and a great celebration was held to celebrate his arrival. If a man could have such love for his son, do you not think that our Heavenly father would possess even greater love?

Archangel Barachiel knows that all of us are the prodigal son in some way or another, we have all done things that we are not proud of and occasionally squandered our God given talents. But God is awaiting our return back home.

Let us make the decision to stop leading the immoral lifestyle but instead go back home and ask for forgiveness. Take time to heal and open a new chapter.  Run back to God and He will receive you back with joy. Whenever you are afraid of going back, Archangel Barachiel will always be by your side ready to hold your hand.

The Journey To Recovery

In the Bible, the book of John, it is stated that, if we confess our sins, God is just and faithful to forgive our sins, He will clean us from all unrighteousness. This is an assurance that there is a place we can always go back to; we are never cast out. When we let our addictions take control of us, we tend to judge ourselves a lot and think God will never take us back because we feel too lost and the only thing we do is to go further away from God instead of coming closer to Him.

Sometimes we indulge in drugs and alcohol since life is difficult and we think the intoxication will help us reduce or forget our worries.  Archangel Barachiel understands that we need to feel wanted and loved and assures us that drugs and alcohol are not the answers to finding solace and comfort.

You can always start again, in healthier ways, tomorrow waits for you, so leave your baggage behind. Archangel Barachiel reminds you that, in moments of your worries, God who is the giver of all blessings provides for the birds; what about you whom He created in His own image? He will surely provide for you.

Rehabilitation Through Prayer

Sometimes when we are controlled by our addictions and try to abandon that lifestyle,  we often start a prayer routine. However, if we lack the drive, we slowly drift off and before we even know it, we no longer pray. Living a prayerless life can be deceiving, because at first, we think everything is going well for us, and then when things start going south, we wonder where we lost our path and go back to our former lifestyle.

Archangel Barachiel insists on the need of having a consistent prayer life because when we have a healthy relationship with God, we get to experience peace and it is easier to reform. Without the help of God, we keep repeating the habits we have resolved to abandon over and over after failed attempts of stopping.

By having a prayer life and knowledge of the ways of God, we are able to have a better moral foundation. We become more aware of the things we do and no longer strain because there is a standard to measure ourselves with. Archangel Barachiel urges you to go back to the drawing board and ask God to help you to start again.

In moments you feel like your addictions and old habits are gaining control over you, embark on a path of prayer to rehabilitate your spirit.

Tips To A Successful Rehabilitation

With the guidance of the angel, this is a chance to lead a different path and make a difference in your life. To make the rehabilitation process successful; 

  • Embrace positivity and adopt a will to persevere even in tough situations. 
  • If your friends indulge in behaviors you want to stay away from, know it is time to reevaluate your circle to avoid peer pressure.
  • Focus on healthier ways of coping with stress so that indulgence doesn’t lure you into thinking your stress issues will be solved.
  • Choose to have more faith in God and believe that he has everything that concerns you in control, this can only be done by consciously starting to be with God more through prayer. 
  • Start exercising to get rid of excess pressure and tension in your body, exercise is liberating.
  • Incorporate meditation in your routines, this will be an avenue to reflect in life and have better insights. 
  • Lastly, sleep is the antidote to have peaceful stress-free days. Archangel Barachiel assures you of noticeable change and abundant joy when your life takes the right turn.

Prayer To Archangel Barachiel

“Oh Archangel Barachiel, Chief giver of blessings, remember me with mercy when you visit. Your presence is always welcome in my life to return me to the godly path. Intercede for me that the blessings of God will always be felt in my life. I implore thee to stand by me and every lost soul in the world. Amen”.

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