Our Lady – Your Selfless Deeds Have Been Noticed By Heaven

My beloved one, do you sometimes feel like your on the verge of giving up when it comes to helping others because it is not reciprocated? Have people taken advantage of your kindness? Do you feel as if it does not pay to be good? Nothing hurts more than being good only for people to take advantage of you.

My message for you today is to be patient and never doubt the merit of your deeds. Even when the help that you have rendered to others may often be taken for granted or not recognized by human hearts. It is a blessing in itself to be able to help others in need, and the reward for your gracious deeds shall come to you in ways that you did not imagine.

For every selfless deed, and every kindling of hope that you have put out did not go unnoticed. Your actions and the sincerity of your heart is seen be the Heavens. With this resounding call, know that your acts of kindness are not in vain. Our father in heaven sees all that we are going through. Nothing happens that is a surprise to him for he is the creator of the universe and he sees everything happening within and beyond.

If you feel like becoming cruel just because your kindness was taken advantage of, remember that the Lord is not asleep. We are called upon to continue being selfless and kind to others for our actions will not go unrewarded. God in heaven sees us and all our works and he will bless us accordingly. 

The Call to Sacrifice

Our God is not asleep or dumbfounded. Did you think that God would instruct you to do good in the bible, only for such actions to prove futile? Make no mistake, that every kind deed and sacrifice that you make shall grant you a special grace when the time comes to receive your divine rewards.

If you have ever wondered, what is the best way to please God and seek his favor, look no further then this.

Proverbs 19:17, “Whoever cares for the poor lends to the LORD, who will pay back the sum in full.” Whilst humans often measure decisions based on the overall utility of the outcome, an act of kindness compounds its value so much more. Say if you donate $50 to a poor man who needs it desperately, the value of your action is not the $50 that was given, but the IMPACT of the act in the eyes of the Lord.

Remember the poor widow at the temple who dropped in two small coins into the donation box? Christ exalted her and exclaimed that she has given far more than anyone else present there that day. Do not ignore the call of charity that our Lord calls us to, and never underestimated the value of a simple act of kindness. This is the highest form of sacrifice that we can make to the Lord, to put His kingdom over the needs of our own.

My dearest child, always remember that you do not need to have material wealth to make a big impact in God’s kingdom. Each one of us are in a position to contribute based on the blessings that we have received from God. You may be good in one area which another person is poor in thus you making you the best person to contribute in that aspect. Whether we are donating our wealth, skills or time, the most important thing is that we remember that the Lord sees our donations and they are our own sacrifices.

Those Who Give, Shall Receive Much More

It is human nature to worry about our own predicaments and situations. “But if I gave $50 to the poor, wouldn’t that mean I have less money to spend?” “If I spent too much time helping others, wouldn’t I have much less time for myself?”

Blessed are those who give, for they shall receive more. It goes against all human principles of wealth, but such is the promise of our Lord. Our faith and communion with Christ has never been worrying about lack, but rather to focus on the abundance that springs from God.

Starting today, no longer burden yourself with undue worries about things that you lack. Declare that you have been blessed by God’s abundance, and steer yourself with a renewed mental paradigm that you are a part of the abundance of God that never runs dry. Got shall provide for all that you need for yourself and the help of others. In fact, every sacrifice that you make is a blessing that comes from the Lord.

We are called to be donors and never stop doing good even when we feel tired for we shall be repaid. And thus shall we uphold the love of Christ, and keep within the light of our faith in him, until His kingdom comes.

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