St. Martin de Porres – Serving Justice

Have you ever felt like you where treated unfairly by the people and situations in life?

Perhaps you were wrongly accused of something, or looked down upon by others and even bullied for your innocence and faith.

With so many craven deeds we see going on around the world, sometimes it makes us wonder if there truly is justice in our world.

St. Martin de Porres comes today to reveal to us that true justice is one that is dispensed by the Lord. The Lord knows and sees all of our struggles, and he will never let us be ill treated in the court of Heaven.

Whenever we feel like injustice has been committed against us or against some one else, we can always seek justice in the court of Heaven whose power is above all other earthly justice systems.

Present your appeals & petitions to and your saint will intercede on your behalf for swift justice.

Remember that justice should not be about revenge or “getting back” at others. The best solutions are often the ones that are led by love and offers potential for growth for all parties.

Heavenly Classes

As humans, we tend to classify ourselves into different categories or classes based on certain characteristics such as our financial status. For example, we tend to classify ourselves as; the poor, the middle class and the rich. We act in certain manners that suggest we belong to the class we have placed ourselves in.

Saint Martin de Porres reveals to us that in the spiritual world, we fall under one class which is “children of God.”

He created us in his image and likeness thus we are all equal. If we come to him, he listens to us like a father listening to his children and does not favour others since he is a just judge.

If we bring a case into the heavenly court, he will not be unfair because we are all his children and he loves us equally. 

When to Seek Justice

Just as we appear in court to seek justice when we have been wrongly accused, we ought to frequent the heavenly courts whenever we feel like we have been denied justice.

There is no wrong time for us to turn to God for aid.

St. Martin tells us that the heavenly host is ready to intercede on whatever request you take to prayer, as long as it is founded in love and with righteous intentions.

Saint Martin de Porres assures us that our God is a just God. Do not give in to despair and lament as Job did in 21:7-13,

“Why do the wicked still live, continue on and become powerful? Their descendants are established with them in their sights.”

However God’s plans for you are already in the works, and His judgement will arrive when it matters the most.

I said to myself, “God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:17

Remember that we are not simply living for ourselves in this life, but our ultimate goal is the union with God when he calls us to join His kingdom.

Thus we should trust in his mercy and rest assured that he will grant us justice when the time is right.

Persistence in Seeking Defense

Jesus told a parable of the widow and the judge in Luke 18:1-8. A widow was pleading with a corrupt judge to grant her justice against her adversary.

The judge was always reluctant but since the widow kept on bothering her he decided to grant her justice. It is interesting to note that the judge did not fear God and the decision to grant her justice was because he did not want her to keep on bothering him.

St. Martin de Porres is telling us that sometimes seeking justice is not an easy thing and requires persistence.

Do not simply lament to God and harbor bitter feelings when we are slighted. As Christians we are also called to take action to make things right..

Just like the courageous widow, we must stick firmly to our cause without giving up – for our persistence fueled with God’s grace will be the main pillar for justice in our lives.

Unlike the corrupt judge, we have the assurance that our heavenly defense attorneys are just and they will not hesitate to represent us whenever we seek their help. 

Prayer to Saint Martin de Porres

“Dear Saint Martin de Porres, I thank you for revealing to me how the procedures of seeking spiritual justice operate.

I beseech thee to intercede for me to the heavenly courts that I may lead a holy life and whenever accusations are made against me, may the heavenly defense counsel petition for my justice.


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