St. Gabriel – The Path to Recovery May Be Tough, But It Is Necessary. I am Calling Out to You To Embark On a New Beginning.

Beloved, it might not be a walk in the park recovering from the actions of your past. We have all made mistakes that we are not proud of, or have suffered as a result of other people’s mistakes.

People often say that time heals all wounds, but merely forgetting about particular traumatic incidents does not mean that one has been “healed”. How then can you achieve true healing in your life?

And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

– James 5:15

Only when we embark on the path to recovery by trusting in the grace of the Lord can we be made whole again. As the divine messenger of the Lord, I, Saint Gabriel, have come to tell you that it is time to let go of all past hurt and grievances that have been keeping your heart heavy.

You need only to seek God for complete restoration and a fresh start. Through him comes the promise of pardon for all past transgressions as long as we accept him, and thus marks the beginning of a full and wholesome recovery. 

Talking To Christ Your Therapist

It is not easy to identify a person to whom you can entrust your secrets, problems and life to. As your saint, I am encouraging you to draw closer to the heavens by surrendering your life to Christ. He is the best therapist you will ever find, and one who has solutions to all the challenges you encounter through in life. When you feel like pouring out your thoughts, or any kind of pain, consider doing it to Christ. 

Dear one, once you confess and regret the mistakes you have done in your old days to Christ, your therapist, you can rest assured of a glorious beginning. He is always available and meets your convenience which certifies wins in all the days of your life. You will not have any trouble mending from the guilt of something you did whether consciously or unconsciously. 

I am urging you take jubilation in this chance of being in a position to have a therapist who does not condemn anyone despite the degree of the offences they have committed. Jesus loves everyone unconditionally which is proved in his willingness to die on the cross for the sake of your sins. 

Turn To God for Recovery through His Guidance in Your Life 

Recovery isn’t something that one gains in a day but rather it is a process that requires faith, persistence and commitment. In one’s quest to attain mending from a sinful life, you will need to have a potent power in your life. A power that’s not surpassed by any other in the whole universe is, only God’s.

I encourage you to turn to God and request him to lead you through life. By doing so, you will find yourself at almost all times in the right thus attaining good luck which comes with contentment.  

Being a human, sometimes you will trip and find yourself reliant on only your strength to achieve some work. Always remember that just as you need a doctor to prescribe some medication to assist in your recovery from an ailment, it is much the same as how you need God.

Outcomes that bring most happiness and joy will not be attainable without God taking charge in your life. So, cling unto his power while making petitions that his presence will on all occasions be at your side. God’s love for everyone is grand and he will accept you just the way you are. 

Commit Yourself to the Heavenly Rehab

It is through attending the rehab sessions that one gains recovery from the pain or addictions they are suffering from. In a similar manner, regularly doing acts that draw you near you to God assures one of recovery from a sinful life. As your saint, I invite you to frequently read and contemplate on the Lord’s word, worship while making petitions to him. As a result, you will have drawn closer to his power in your life.  

Exodus 20:8 points out that, “reminisce the Sabbath day by preserving it as holy.” So, make time on this day and go to the Lord’s place of worship as it exhibits your pledge to acclaim and worship him while maintaining your covenants. You will gain an external mindset as well as spiritual strength. When you are feeling depreciated of faith, these acts will bring a boost to it. 

Today I am requesting you to incorporate in your daily schedule some time to attend the heavenly rehab as it will lead you to a great life that’s distanced from predicaments.

God’s Recovery for the Time You Spent in Suffering

According to 1st Peter 5:10, “and the God your creator, who clamoured you to his glorification in his son Christ, will recover you while making you sturdy, resolute as well as tough after enduring suffering for some time.” 

As your saint, I am giving you hope that it does not matter the level of distress that you are enduring today, as all the time spent in it will be recovered. Maintain your faith in both good and bad days as they are destined to bring the best out of you. God is always by your side. 

Let Us Pray 

“Dear God, we are thankful for your presence and guidance in our lives. We admit that without your forgiveness, we would never separate from agony, something that is worth being grateful for. We petition that as we commence on a new chapter in our lives, you will not leave our side. St. Garbiel the Archangel, pray for us. Amen.

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