Saint Matthew – Securing Dividends in Christ

Do you know of someone who never fails to tell you all about the good deeds that they have done? Perhaps they tell you about how their always making charitable donations or how much they pray every day, almost like their fishing for compliments?

The bible gives us a stern warning in Matthew 6:1: “take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them, otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly Father.” It is amazing when we do good deeds, but what truly matters is our intention. If we do charity for the sake of getting validation or praise from others, then it does not stem from a place of love in the Lord.

The works that we do are long-term investments in the Lord that will eventually pay out with the highest dividends. Instead of focusing on short-term satisfaction and minimal gain, St. Matthew reminds us that we should always take care to make sensible investments that pay eternal dividends.

Saint Mathew is here with a message on the need to secure dividends in Christ. In Christ, there is assurance that all our good works in life will bear fruit. By carrying the right intentions and motivation in all things that we do, our primary goal must always be to glorify the name of the Lord.

Making the Right Investments With Intention

Does it mean then that we must “hide” all of our deeds and not let anyone “catch us” doing good? Certainly not!

After all we would not have experienced the love of Christ if the disciples had not fervently labored to spread his Good News to the ends of the world. Our good deeds can (and should) be visible to others, but only when it is for the glory of the Lord and not for the sake of fishing for praise or compliments.

If our acts of love & kindness are publicized, we should do so only for the purpose of showing others the love of God, and to allow them to experience Him. The central idea lies in our intentions in all that we do.

St. Matthew advises us to always remember the examples of Pharisees who were all about publicizing their deeds in order to be noticed and acquire power or respect from others. It is folly to try and “impress” others for the only true being that we should be working to impress is that of the Lord who knows and sees all of our intentions.

When we invest our time in serving Christ, you are enhancing your effectiveness in God’s kingdom. This is by engaging in discipleship, worship, and fellowship of the Lord on occasion. Be dedicated to investing in Christ as you are on the treasures of the earth. Do not give up when the dividends for doing so are not instantly given to you as the Lord’s timing is always the best. 

Invest In Secret, For Maximum Yield

When we show off our deeds in other to gain the honor of others, Christ promised that the rewards we shall get are only that of the praise of people. But when we give in secret, our Heavenly Father sees our intentions and will repay us.

Not just in doing good or giving to charity, but also when it comes to prayer, worship, fasting and thanksgiving to the Lord. Our faith must never be used to display how “holy” we are, but rather only for the purpose of glorifying God and bringing more believers into his fold. He is jubilant when you dedicate your soul and assent to live for him as it leads to the exaltation of his name.

St. Matthew also wrote that “When you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites. They neglect their appearance, so that they may appear to others to be fasting. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.” (Matthew 6:16) Is it that important for us to receive our rewards on earth for the sake of some short-term satisfaction? Is not the greater reward when we enjoy the eternal dividends brought about by wise investments now?

Let us be bold and courageous in our deeds, and let them be filled with the most earnest of intentions. The pinnacle of our faith is when we cast aside all needs for earthly praise and seek only to glorify the name of God through our actions. In God we shall find the surest yield and our investments shall be secure for all time.

Securing Your Heavenly Payout

St. Matthew’s message of today is for us to not “lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth”, for they are temporary and bear no true purpose in the eyes of the Lord. Instead when we dedicate our lives to the treasures in heaven, we shall secure our rightful place beside the throne of God.

For many people, they are focused on accumulating wealth and riches here on earth for they have not been touched by the divine light of Christ. But as Christians we have a greater priority in our lives, which is to conform to the will of the Lord who seeks only peace, prosperity and eternal happiness upon us.

When one makes a financial investment, they are hoping for a financial breakthrough even without the certainty of a good payout of dividends. When you shelter your life to Christ and act according to his will, you secure a heavenly payout. Not only will you enjoy every second of your life, but also secure a position among those who will inherit God’s kingdom. A heavenly payout comes with a mass of blessings that are meant to see us have a fruitful life. There is the certitude that in spite of the intensity challenges will have on you, they will not at any point get over you. This is because God’s power will always be in your presence.

Prayer for Saint Matthew’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Matthew, I cherish the information you’ve given me on how to secure my life to Christ for the purpose of receiving benedictions in my life.

I thank you for the reminder that I am living for the will of God.

Let me never put my needs or pride before my love for the Lord.

Guide me as I make decisions in my daily life.

I am enlightened on how to invest my life and time in the Lord and am assured of great rewards thereafter.

Help me boost my faith at all times to ensure I never lose track of reenergizing my spirit in him.”

St. Matthew, pray for us.


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