St. Anthony – Keeping Your Balance Afloat

We often worry about the balance in our bank account and work hard to make sure that it doesn’t run out.

Bills, rent and cash for necessities are something that is constantly on our thoughts because we know the importance of having enough funds. Financial stability is something that we greatly need in order to thrive and maintain the lifestyle that we want.

Today Saint Anthony is here to let us know that there is another account which we need to manage and to keep our spiritual balance afloat. We should strive to achieve spiritual stability and freedom from unnecessary influences in our lives.

Instead of transfer money to keep our accounts afloat, we are called upon to transfer good deeds and positive intentions.

Transferring Kindness

In a world ladened with selfishness and misdeeds, it’s easy to get caught up with simply fending for ourselves and our own needs without thought of others.

“If I give to others and receive nothing in return, wouldn’t I lose out?”

Such thoughts are folly because just as the bible thought us, giving love to others only causes our own to multiply. Life isn’t a zero sum game where someone has to suffer in order for us to gain.

God’s kingdom starts with a single drop of love which rapidly multiplies as we go forth and spread it with others. St. Anthony wants us to remember that our rewards are meant to be received in the kingdom of heaven.

The need to be kind to other people and transfer goodness isn’t simply a guide, but something that God demands.

In the bible (Luke 10:29-37) Jesus told a parable about a man who had been attacked by robbers and left on the road to die.

A priest and a Levite came across the man but they were not bothered and passed on the other side of the road. Later, a Samaritan came upon him and he was so compassionate that he took him to an inn and catered for his expenses. 

If faced with such a situation, are we likely to be like the priest and levite, or can we have the heart of the good Samaritan? Most of us would feel that it is not in our place to interfere with other people’s businesses.

We would claim that he is a stranger and we do know whether it is a trap. While some of us would judge the man and think to ourselves perhaps he is paying for a crime he committed thus we would not like to get involved.

Regardless of the circumstances and possibilities at hand, Saint Anthony assures us that we should pray to God that he may create in us new hearts and put in us new spirits which he has transferred kindness into so that we never have to find reasons to justify cruelty.

Transfer Love

As Christians and heirs of the kingdom of God we are commanded to love one another just as Christ has loved us.

Although our human nature makes us prone to developing bitterness and hatred towards each other, we have been granted the power to forgive one another just as God loves us.

If God was to punish us for all the wrongs we have committed against him, then none of us would exist. In the same spirit of forgiveness, we are mandated to forgive those who wrong us.

Saint Anthony is revealing to us that we need to be agents of transferring love to other people. The greatest love that we have received is the love that God has bestowed unto us. It culminated by sending his only son to die on the cross for our sins so that we could be reconciled with him.

If God could make such a great sacrifice for us, why then do we find it hard to co-exist with our fellow human beings who are mere mortals? If we feel that the love in us is not enough to transfer to others, we can always call unto the heavens to top up our love balance so that we do not run out of it.

Our spiritual bank account does not run dry when we give love to others, in fact it multiplies.

Giving Credit

Looking at your life at the moment, are you happy about it? Are you where you always wanted to be or are you almost there? Are you achieving the goals you had set? Do you feel that you are successful or on the path towards success?

Material wealth and accomplishments are not the only things that define us.

Saint Anthony is telling us that sometimes we focus so much on our material achievements that we forget we are seeking spiritual achievements too. Do not forget the spiritual success and always remember to count your blessings.

We are challenged to count our blessings and we will be surprised that God has favored us more than we ever thought. The gift of life, good health, peace of mind, stability among others. Counting our blessings makes us realize that we do not give God the credit that he deserves. He has bestowed numerous blessings yet we fail to recognize them.

Prayer to Saint Anthony

“Dear Saint Anthony, I thank you for your mercies in my life.

I pray that you may make a love transfer into my heart so that I may be able to love those around me.

Help me to learn to appreciate the blessings of God in my life and give him the credit he deserves.

May I always be an agent of transferring kindness in the cruel world.”

Amen 🙏

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