St. Benedict – Unfailing Protection from Perils

Dear brothers & sisters, throughout the uncertainties and challenges that you face in life may you never forget that you are part of God’s flock. Because we have chosen to accept Christ as our savior, we are also connected to the divine love and protection that flows from God.

St. Benedict, the patron saint of protection, wants us to know that the contract is already in effect and we are indemnified against all earthly disasters. Some times we go through trials simply as a way of strengthening our faith. Hard times do not last, but God’s everlasting salvation will carry us through.

When some monks grew jealous of him and tried to poison his wine without his knowledge, St. Benedict made the sign of the cross before attempting to consume the drink and the glass was shattered – because the glass contained death which could not withstand the sign of life which comes from God.

In a similar way we are reminded to always keep the faith even when times are hard or we experience unfortunate setbacks or accidents. St. Benedict is waiting for you to call upon him for strength and protection. He wants us to know that as long as we ask for it, we will be safeguarded in all areas of life – our financial stability, healthy body & mind, and abundant love to last us till Christ calls us to be by His side.

Protection from Financial Loss

One of the things that we fear the most on earth is the lack of money to sustain our needs. Sometimes it is this very same fear that is shaping our actions to do things that keep us financially weak.

St. Benedict calls you to embrace a knew mental paradigm of wealth and abundance. Fill your mind with thoughts of abundance that flows from our Lord and we will be rich in all areas.

Case aside all your worries, fears and mental burdens, lifting them up to the Lord and asking for his divine aid. Our Lord will never turn away any of His children who call upon Him. And he will ensure that we are prosperous and wealthy in the ways that we need the most.

Protection from Unexpected Events

Every day when you don on your shoes and walk out the door, know that you are blessed. We may not always see the many times that we have been saved from unexpected events because the Lord’s agents always work behind the scenes. But know that they are always walking beside us to guide our steps.

When we lead honest and upright we have a stronger connection to God and hence are in a better position to receive help from our blessed saints and angels.

Call upon St. Benedict for his protection to fall upon you and your family each morning, for he grants not only physical protection but also dispels the temptations of the devil and keeps us from sin.

Hold your head high and carry God’s message unafraid for you are watched and protected by his divine might.

Life Coverage

Many non-believers fear death because it means the end of all things. As Christians we know that our lives here on earth is merely a temporary stay and look forward to joining our Heavenly Father in His everlasting kingdom.

Because of his love for us, He sent His only son down to sacrifice himself for our sins that we may join Him in eternal life. As such our lives have already been insured from the start.

St. Benedict calls us not to worry about the duration of our time on earth, but rather the great deeds that we will accomplish in God’s name. We were created with purpose, and the potential to achieve great things in God’s name. Do not waste this time chasing material things and instead seek to spread God’s love to those around us – that we may great a slice of Heaven to every one around us wherever we go.

Say this prayer to St. Benedict whenever you need miracles, blessings and protection:

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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