Our Lady – Miracles of Healing

Any sick person wishes for nothing more than the restoration of their health and they pray for healing miracles so that they can go back to their normal life. In the bible, the book of James 5:14 is calling out to everyone who requires healing as follows, “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.”

It portrays the miracles of healing that Our Lady brings unto us today. Our Lady for today is one of assurance and tranquility. She is showing us that miracles of healing do exist and it is upon us to seek and tap into the divine healing power of the Lord.

Healing Miracles Are Founded On Belief

All divine miracles that have happened here on earth are founded upon faith. As Christ once said, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

Faith in God does not mean simply knowing that God can heal us, but it involves submitting ourselves entirely to God and letting him take full control of our lives. It means trusting in him even when the chances seem slow and clinging unto him even when we are the drowning men clutching at a straw. If we proclaim that we are waiting upon God yet our actions depict otherwise, then our faith is not legitimate and we may miss out on healing miracles.

In the bible, the woman who was bleeding for twelve years understood that Jesus had the power to heal her even when all specialists had failed. In spite of not being in a position to talk to Jesus and request to be healed, her faith was so deep that she recognized the power emanating from him. Even without establishing a conversation with Jesus, she touched the hem of her garment and sure enough, she experienced the miracle of healing as her bleeding stopped. Today our lady is urging us to have faith like that woman so that we may experience healing miracles in our lives.

Make Sound Lifestyle Choices

As much as we believe in the divine power of the Lord, Our Lady reminds us that we should also act responsibly and treat our body as the temple of God. That means making sound lifestyle choices to ensure that we remain fit, healthy and full of energy.

Prevention is always better than cure. Just because God has the power to save us doesn’t mean that we live frivolously and expect him to perform a miracle should we fall ill in the future do to our own actions.

Spiritual health is almost just us important on our physical health, and often times can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. Our lady is revealing to us that we can practice the following tips to enhance our spiritual health and protect ourselves from illnesses:

  • Forgive those who offend you and let it go – Most of the time we are deeply hurt by the people closest to us and this makes us feel betrayed. We often find it difficult to forgive them and as a result, we become bitter. We are advised to forgive them as it is only through forgiveness and forgetting that we avoid contracting spiritual illnesses. 
  • Seek the heavenly help – We can make sound lifestyle choices by seeking the help of the heavens whenever we feel weak. Do not wait until it’s too late to pray to God and seek heavenly help. Our God is a merciful God and he will come to our aid whenever we call out to him. 
  • Reading the word of God – We are called upon to read the word of God since it acts as a guide in our life. Whenever you are stuck and have no idea about what to do, take your bible and read it for it is in it that you will hear the voice of God.

Having Passion for Life

Every morning, what is your motivation to get up? Do you wake up because it is dawn or because you are pushed ahead by an irresistible urge inside you? Life is like an echo whereby you get back whatever you give unto it. If you lead a life of hatred and curses, how then can you expect to get back love and blessings?  Most times we build castles in the air by dreaming of leading luxurious lives yet we are too lazy to take even a single step towards our goals. 

As Christians, we are called upon to open our hearts to the love of Christ and lead a spiritually healthy life. We should be passionate about living and fulfilling God’s intention for our lives. Our Lady is challenging us to develop a passion for life for the lord created us uniquely and set us apart for a great mission. It is our responsibility to discover the mission we have been tasked with and then later we ought to do our best to execute it. 

Prayer To Our Lady of Miracles

“Dear Our Lady, thank you for your numerous graces in my life and for interceding for my healing miracles.

I pray that I may remain protected and healthy throughout the course of my life.

If I ever contract any spiritual illnesses, I pray that the heavens may come to my aid and grant me healing miracles.

I trust in your providence at all times.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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