Saint Ignatius – The Divine Faith Transfer

Sometimes we go through low moments in our lives where we feel that the mountains are too high and our energy so low that we cannot overcome them unless a divine transfer is made to us.

In such moments we are assured to call upon St. Ignatius who will come to our aid and assist us in receiving divine faith transfer which will ensure that we remain totally committed to God. 

Why We Need A Divine Transfer

Imagine when you are facing a financial crisis and all efforts to raise money have resulted have proved worthless. In such a moment, we are likely to be depressed and we begin to deny ourselves the luxuries of the world. In such a situation when one receives a notification message that a money transfer has been made in their account they are likely to see it as a miracle.

Today we are reminded that at our darkest hour when we feel like things are working against us and we are about to let go, we should hold on. It may feel like we have been abandoned yet this is when we are closest to receiving the divine transfer. St. Ignatius is assuring us that he is working on facilitating a divine faith transfer hence we need to be patient and endure a little bit more for the darkest hour is just before dawn. 

Initiating A Transfer

When we make our prayers to the heavens we initiate a divine transfer of our intentions to the heavens. When you want to make a money transfer, you are keen to ensure that you have the correct details in terms of their account number, amount, the bank, and the account name. If you happen to get the wrong account details you risk making the transfer to the wrong recipient which becomes inconvenient to the receiver as well as to you. 

St. Ignatius is revealing to us that faith is the prerequisite for making a divine transfer. Sometimes we pray to God to grant us our petitions yet we harbour doubts at the back of our minds. When this happens, our transfer is not successful and we keep wondering what was the issue with our transactions. We wait for a confirmation message but we do not receive it since our transfer was not successful.

May your faith never be the barrier that blocks you from enjoying divine transfer. Whenever you want to make a divine transfer to the heavens and you are unsure of what is needed to make the transfer successful, trust in St.Ignatius and he will help you in the divine transfer. 

The Value Of Your Remittance

Sometimes we often underestimate our worth and try to shrink our value based on the environment that we are in. When making a remittance payment overseas, the amount you send is in different currencies and the value of the amount you sent in your country may not be the same value in another country due to currency fluctuations and other factors. 

St. Ignatius comes to remind us of our value as children of the kingdom of God. While we are living in the world, it is very easy for us to be corrupted and deceived into forgetting our worth and adopting the lifestyle of the children of the world.

Although the battle between the flesh and the spirit is a tough one and the world we live in is conducive for the flesh to win, we are called upon to remember that we were created and set apart as children of God we have received the divine transfer of the holy spirit to help us as we wait to go to our future heavenly home.

When life pushes you to a point where you feel the need to hide your identity, call upon Ignatius and he will help you in the restoration of the divine transfer of the holy spirit in your life. 

Finalizing Your Transfer

Upon sending money, the receiver receives their money and you also get a notification that the transaction was successful. Until the transfer is complete, you cannot claim that you have sent money to the other person. Sometimes we wait upon God to answer our prayers and grant our petitions yet our transaction was not successful.

We complain that He has abandoned us yet we were not keen enough to check out whether the transfer went through completely. Sometimes a transfer is not yet successful just because we initiated it hence we cannot make a decision based on an incomplete process. 

St.Ignatius is calling us today to be patient when making a divine transfer. Depending on the nature of the transaction we make, the time taken to get the payment notification is different. There are times we get impatient when someone makes a transfer after us and they received the notification before us. In reality, our intentions may be greater than them and out transfer bulk hence it will take more time than the rest.

Whenever the people around you are getting blessed, do not lose your faith or complain to God thinking that he has abandoned you since the nature of your transfer is a but one that it is going to take time. In moments you feel like your transfer was incomplete and you are unsure of what to do, Ignatius will come to your aid hence you just need to call unto him and seek his help.

Prayer To St.Ignatius

Dear St. Ignatius the patron saint of soldiers, I beseech thee to make me a prayer warrior and come to my aid as I seek the spiritual direction to commit totally to God. In my divine faith transfer, I ask you to intercede for me that my faith may be enough to facilitate the transfer and make the process smooth. Grant me patience when my transfer takes too long and I begin to doubt the process. May my faith in God not be doubted at that moment. Amen.

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