St. Peter – Refuelling The Spirit

Saint Peter is here today to remind us that as we live through spirituality, there is the need for us to often refuel the spirit which is God’s in our midst. Just like a car requires to be constantly refuelled when on a journey, we are on a spiritual journey and our spirits need to be refuelled from time to time.

We are the drivers of our lives, and the decision on where we are heading is dependent on us. Saint Peter is coming to us with a message that we do not need to worry about getting to our final destination. As long as we refuel our spirits regularly, we shall get there.

If we don’t refuel the spirit, we may get fatigued by living in spirituality. This may lead to one quitting the journey of Christianity. It is made known to us what we need to do to be powerful and victorious in this Christian walk.

Saint Peter wants us to know that God loves us and he is pleased whenever we realize that we have run out of spiritual gas and make an effort to refuel by seeking him. He urges us to include refuelling the spirit regularly in our schedule today and we will be fascinated by the spiritual focus we will achieve out of it. 

Seek the Spirit 

Take the example of a fire burning. It’s heat and strength is determined by the source that it consumes. Without a strong and stable fuel source, a raging fire quickly diminishes and dies down.

Similarly, our spirituality is determined by intensity of the the Holy Spirit present within us. Each of us who believes in the gospel has the spirit in us. It nourishes and provides as with the foundation to do the good work of the Lord.

What we need to realize is that we need to constantly feed our “fire” too. There may be times when we feel inspired by the Spirit, and times when we feel like our energy is lacking. This normal for us as humans. Today is a reminder to seek the Spirit in times when we feel disheartened or lacking in strength.

Saint Peter’s message is that God’s door is always open when we seek Him with humble hearts. He will come to our aid in our greatest need. Commence by meditating on the scriptures and standing up for God’s work. Those who obey the word of Christ and love Him wholeheartedly shall receive a special intimacy and grace from God.

Ask, and it shall be given you;
Seek, and ye shall find;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Do not be afraid to ask. Our hearts yearn for the presence of God in our lives who is never too far away. Never be too proud to turn to the Lord for aid, and remember to ask for His blessings daily.

Earn God’s Power through the Spirit 

Most times when we do not have God in our midst, we feel alone and powerless. To seek Him is to believe in the Holy Trinity that joins God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. When we are empowered, we will find that any situation is easily overcome.

Although God wants to descend into our lives, our gift of free will means that we must first “allow” Him through our thoughts and actions. There are several ways that we can draw power from the Holy Spirit as our fuel source.

One of the surest ways is to practice love as Christ has taught us. Love is the thread that binds us all together in Christ, for without love we are nothing. As the new day dawns, St. Peter is inviting you to take a look at your schedule and visualize how you can practice more love to the people we meet every day.

Whether its colleagues, friends, your husband or wife and family members, a simple act of love every day can move mountains.

Most people focus too much on asking God for help, when they do not realize that it is their own actions that allows the Spirit to burn brighter when we spread the love of God.

For you to access this power, you must have confessed to being a sinner and repented your sins. This is to restore the relationship broken between you and God by sin. The saint also reveals that it is the spirit that has the mandate to transform to what God wants in our lives. 

Consume God’s Word to Refuel Your Spirit

As a fire would consume wood to burn, is much the same as how you ought to consume the word of God to keep up your spirituality. Faith is key to the Christian walk and it grows from reading God’s word, trusting it, and heeding to live as it instructs.

Those who consume the evil ways attract challenges in their lives. They become inseparable from troubles. You will certainly yield what you consume. Taking in God’s word produces happiness as you live free from troubles. Also, you are assured that you will receive the promised eternal life when the time comes. 

Supply the Spirit by Sharing the Word of Christ

When filled with the spirit, you ought to spread it by making it known to others of the Lord’s word. Teaching others what the word says and what it requires of us. God wants us to use his power to proclaim his word to nations.

We are given the chance to talk about him to others through the spirit. We attract blessings to ourselves when we share his word. Studying the word of God is reading the life-giving power of the spirit. By doing so, you activate your faith that will help as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Fuel Your Spirit

Fire burns when it is fuelled. Similarly, our spiritual journey will retain if we maintain the spirit. The faith we have in God plays an important role in refuelling the spirit. Without faith, we do not have the spirit in us meaning we are not followers of Christ. Our victory in spirituality is determined by what we fuel it with.

Reading the word of Christ and praying occasionally fuel our spirit to keep it burning. They make a huge contribution to our spiritual focus. Saint Peter urges us to invest our time in God by reading His word, worshipping, and maintaining communication with him through prayers. 

Prayer to Saint Peter

“Dear Saint Peter, thanks for revealing to me how I can refuel the spirit to help maintain my Christian path.

I plead for your help when I fail to do acts that refuel my spirit.

Act as my intercessor when I lack enough faith to keep my spirit burning.

I am grateful for the information given to me on how I can evade evil by regularly refuelling the spirit.”


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