Saint Joan of Arc – Let Faith Run Your Business

Coming today is Saint Joan of Arc reminding us of the capability of faith to transform our lives if we commit to stand by it. We ought to boost our faith in God at all times with the objective of receiving his grace constantly and a chance to remain auspicious as we live. 

The Bible says that having faith, even one as little as a mustard seed, one can tell a mountain to move, and it will certainly move, what of the challenges in your life? Saint Joan is inspiring us to grow our faith not only in our businesses but also in all areas of life.

First Secure Your Equity In Faith

A successful business isn’t created by offering many products or renting a store, instead the key to consistent profits is investing in areas that will contribute to a strong system which generates income long-term. St. Joan tells us that just as entrepreneurs toil and sacrifice much to build strong foundations for their businesses from the ground up, so to must we establish key systems for our faith that will bring us rewards over time.

Having faith, however small, makes you capable of doing the unimaginable and achieve your greatest aspirations in life. When you believe that all things are possible with the grace of God, you secure abundance in your life.

Growing our faith in God should be similar to how we run a business. Whilst most businesses are profit-driven, the biggest difference is that the profits we should be chasing are our shares in the Kingdom of God. Those are the real rewards that pay dividends for all eternity.

This is why we should always persevere and not give up just because we experience large difficulties or “our prayers have not been answered”. Every setback is merely a challenge that you will overcome on your path to seeking God. Every time we invest in our relationship with God we secure our future with His love.

Be encouraged to move on with life in the midst of tribulations, trusting that help will be sent at the right time. When you are thinking of relinquishing your business, over the faith you have in God, he’s preparing something big for you which is meant to bring progress in your life. Do not be ashamed to have faith in the deliverance of God from hardships when everyone else is not. This is because promptly, he will release his commendations upon you and everyone else will wish they held onto their faith. 

Incorporate God in Your Works 

Let us build thriving businesses that proclaim the works of God. Sometimes we take our faith for granted and only turn to Him in times of need. Ask yourself this question: if you were to put a large investment into starting a business right now, would you only choose to work on it as and when you “feel like it”, or would you devote a considerable amount of time and energy to make sure that it succeeds?

God desires us to chase Him just like we chase our deepest passions. To keep our faith burning bright we need to consistent efforts day in and day out. Getting baptized is easy, but to be a real Christian requires effort and persistence. Being the chosen people of the Lord does not mean we get to rest on our laurels and take things easy without putting in the work.

We have been called to employ the gifts that God has seen fit to bless us with. To practice gratitude in all that we do and to spread love to those that we meet. Instead of trying to go at it on our own terms, draw upon the strength of the Lord to see things through.

Involving him in your works is an affirmation of victory come rain or sunshine. When others are complacent and prideful, you shall always seek to grow the assets that we have built in the Lord. In doing so we shall enjoy the everlasting dividends that are to come.

Sometimes, obstacles hinder you from reaping profits hence Saint Joan is reminding you not to lose your faith in God. Always choose the actions that will glorify His name and you shall find that success is never too far away. Learn to love God at all times and allow his will in your life and you’ll be assured to graces and divine favor in your undertakings. 

As you live, let the faith you have in your creator lead your life to assure prosperity and a chance to be part of those who will see him and have a share of his treasures in heaven. When you feel as if your faith is weakening, seek Saint Joan of Arc’s intercession making sure you are also making efforts to feed it. This is by reading God’s word, believing that it is true, and therefore heeding what it says. 

Faith in God Brings Balance to Life 

Sometimes we attempt to lead through life lacking God in our midst. It becomes difficult to identify our purpose while struggling to find bliss and satisfaction. In such moments, we are challenged to build our faith in God regardless of the circumstances in life. Living a life without God is meaningless as everything is vanity. One who knows him but is not making efforts to grow their faith is not pleasing God. We ought to honour God by trusting him with our lives. 

To bring a balance in our lives, we should not only have faith in God but also work towards putting it into effect in our actions. Feed your mind with the word of Christ daily that you may be filled with purposeful and blessed thoughts. Thoughts without action have little merit, we must always seek to grow our faith and allow it to manifest in our lives.

Think of it as running a business in the name of the Lord, and take the steps necessary to create a powerful system that bring glory to His name.

Prayer to Saint Joan of Arc

“Dear saint Joan of Arc, thank you for bringing to my understanding the importance of growing my faith to ensure its efficiency in my business as well as life.

I request your intercession when my faith grows weak.

Help me to treat my faith with reverence and importance.

Remind me daily of the blessings that I have received through God and to utilize them for His glory.

May my strong love for the Lord be translated into my actions.

Help me to develop a strong system of love and kindness, that I may show others the unfailing love that God has blessed me with.

Give me the courage to stick with my convictions.

This I ask through Christ our Lord.”

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.

🙏 Amen 🙏

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