St. Rita – Making Withdrawals

St. Rita is here today with a divine message that making heavenly withdrawals is easier than you think. Learning to tap into the infinite power of the Lord will enable you to prosper in all areas of your life.

As the patron saint against difficulties, St. Rita wants you to know that nothing is impossible with God on your side. Often times we try to provide for ourselves on our own and find our efforts falling short and becoming too stressed out from the challenges in life. Never forget that you have a divine backer that is ensuring you will never falter. St. Rita is reminding you that it is important to make withdrawals from your creator in order to fulfil your life’s work.

Lift up your burdens to the Lord and allow him to show you the right path in life.

Apply for a Heavenly Loan

When one applies for a loan, there are terms given by the lender which one is supposed to agree to honor before being awarded the loan. Contrary to the loans your earthly lenders give, loan given by God does not call for any interest. He does not require you to pay him back but all he desires is of you to accept to be a follower of Christ. You will endure suffering if you do life depending on your strength. You deserve to make a choice of having God in your life for him to offer his supplication at all times. 

Saint Rita brings to our attention that when God decides to bless you, he does not in any way take it away. In fact, he blesses even those who do not know how to serve him so that he can show himself and win them over. When we withdraw from God’s heavenly providence, we become richer in spirit and faith. All we need is to keep the faith and be thankful for the blessings in our life.

To avoid going back to encountering difficulties in your life, as from today commence praising, loving, serving him and be thankful for his withdrawals.  

Securing Your Withdrawal

Here on earth, loans are first awarded based on a credit score that takes into account all of our funds and transactions. In a similar way we to need to raise our score in the eyes of heaven to request for more of his blessings.

Engaging in sinful practices pushes as further away from the light of Christ. To be fully connected to God we should aspire to do small acts every day that will further our mission on earth and spread His love to others. Doing so will ensure that we are constantly connected to the unending stream of blessings that flow from heaven.

Embrace spirituality in your lives because connecting to God is not physical but in salvation. Keep your hope and trust in the Lord for he always has the best in store for you. Also, maintain to be in prayer always giving thanks for the withdrawals you receive from time to time. This secures your many chances of repeated withdrawals from the Lord. 

Verification of Your Withdrawal

Before a loan is approved, there is a need for one to confirm their details of where the money will be deposited. Similarly, this is also evident in your spirituality where before God accepts to allow you withdraw blessings from his account he first verifies where you have placed your faith on.

Believing that you can handle all situations on your own will at one point wear your strength out. Some challenges require a higher power which is not matched to any other- God’s. Placing your faith on God is a great verification to enable one to make a withdrawal. You will never lack if you believe that God will always offer his provision to you.

Before he decides to put blessings in your account for withdrawal, he looks unto which power you have mounted your faith. When you place faith in yourself, when you make a withdrawal it will always be declined until God sees that you have sought to tag along in following his son. Seek the saint against difficulties for help, for she commits to be with us at all times to direct our faith to our creator.

Waiting for Approval

You would apply for a loan and be made to wait till you have enough savings to be awarded the amount of money you want. Similarly, prayers made to the Lord seeking to be blessed are not answered till it is God’s time. God knows what is best for you and he is preparing it for you.

He does not give you things that will make you leave his glory. Do not lose your patience for when you receive what God has been keeping for you, you will forever be grateful. If you hurriedly seek to be blessed, what you will be given will not last you for a long time. God’s will in your life is to see you hold his blessings forever.

Make God Your Helper: Not the Loans

It is not a guarantee that when you apply for a loan you will be awarded and also you are not certain that it will sort all your problems. For a fact, the only debt God wants us to have is of loving each other and not accumulated amounts of money to be paid.

Therefore, why don’t you consider making God your helper? He has in abundance enough for all his creations. God’s wish is that each of you live a good life free from difficulties. He gives a helping hand to all those who have given him authority over their lives. Your creator knows all your needs before you even ask for them. He makes sure that he even gives you things you did not ask for. All this initiates from the love he has for all of you.

Prayer to Saint Rita

“Dear patron saint against difficult times, it’s a blessing already to have you provide information to me on how to wait for God’s blessings in my life.

I am equipped with knowledge on how to secure your withdrawal and will work towards changing my life to align with my creator’s wish.

Intercede for me when I get impatient of waiting on God’s approval of my withdrawal of blessings.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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