Saint Jude – Harness Your Energy

Deep within us lies great power capable of making a difference in the world if properly realized and harnessed. When God created the universe, He created us in his own image and likeness thus we as humans are a unique creation superior to every other creature. 

Although we were given the mandate and authority to take dominion over the world, most of the time we forget about the magnitude of the power that we wield and we end up burying it to the deepest core of our hearts.  

The patron saint of hope, St.Jude, comes to you today to let you know that, although the winds of life may shake you up, do not falter for there is an untapped energy within you that you need to harness to your advantage and for the glory of God. 

Reignite The Sparks In Your Faith Journey

Faith is a key component in the bond between God and a human being. It protects their relationship from weakening and in instances where the relationship starts to dwindle, faith reignites the sparks once more. 

Beloved, if your faith in God was tested today, would God be proud of you? Due to our weak human nature, most of the times we tend to be closer to God when we are in need of his blessings yet when our prayers are answered we run away from his presence. Other times we only acknowledge him when we are blessed abundantly yet when we lose everything we blame and curse him.

On the verge of losing the very things we hold precious, can our faith in God remain strong? Like Abraham who was told to sacrifice his only son whom he had conceived in his old age, can we still trust in God even when it means we have to lose someone or something we love? Can we be like Job who clung unto his faith in God even when he had lost everything he had?

Can God brag about our righteousness in confidence like he bragged about Job or would we end up disappointing him after being tested? Just like Abraham and Job, we are challenged to protect the flame of our faith in God and reignite the sparks of our relationship with him. 

Energy Transfers

Saint Jude is warning us that we need to be careful of the people surrounding us for we might absorb their energies. While people may try to conduct evil energy transfers towards us, the patron saint of hope, gives us the assurance that we have prayer as a weapon to protect us from evil energies. 

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of prayer for we have no idea on the impact it has in our lives. By praying, we invite the heavenly soldiers who are the angels and saints into our midst. If any evil energy transfer is directed towards us, the heavenly soldiers who surround us block them hence we are protected from any misfortune.  When good energies are transferred towards us, the angels and saints allow them to get to us safely.

Paying Utility

Kindness to others is the utility we all have to pay for our existence on earth. Just as God blesses us, we are called upon to bless humanity. The patron saint of hope is reminding us that to whom more is given, then more is expected from them. We are custodians of God hence when he gives us more, it is because he trusts that we will distribute it fairly and share with others thus spreading his goodness.  

There are people who are scared that their flame will dim by sharing their light with others. On the contrary, kindness is an energy that burns brighter when shared by many people hence you do not lose anything by being kind to others. To every person you meet, be kind for you neither know the battles they are facing nor the energy they wield. Sometimes we meet people who are at their breaking point and one act of kindness is enough to reignite their spark of life once more and awaken the energy within them. 

A Prayer To Saint Jude

“Dear St. Jude, I thank you for reigniting the flame of hope in my life during my moments of despair.

I beseech thee to help me cling unto my faith in God even when I feel like I am losing everything.

May you protect me from any evil energies transferred to me.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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