St. Expedite – Take Stock of Transfers

The energy which we carry into the day has a profound impact in shaping how the day turns out for us. Every interaction that we make with others throughout the course of the day involves a swift transfer of energy. We can either choose to put positive energy into situations are draw out negative energies that will leave both parties suffering.

St. Expedite reminds us that it is important to always have a fresh start to day and be connected to God first thing in the morning. Doing so will ensure that we have fresh energy and can spread God’s love to others. Today is a great opportunity to take stock of our transfers during the day and strive to inject more positive energy into our daily actions.

As children of the living God, we are reminded that our actions are being observed by those around us. If we live a of love, kindness and positivity, others will take inspiration from our example and also draw closer to God. The many decisions that we make each day are thus a testament of our creator’s greatness, and we must always endeavor to carry ourselves in a way that glorifies God.

Make an Authority Transfer

If you are feeling stressed, burdened or in need, perhaps the problems you have been experiencing are becoming too much to handle on your own.

The good news is that, you don’t have to! St. Expedite reminds us that in times when we feel overwhelmed, that’s exactly when we should make an authority transfer to the all powerful God. The name of Christ is above all others, and once we accept that we should call upon his help in times of need is when we start to be connected to His abundant blessings.

The answer to life’s problems is to simply transfer God the authority in our lives. That is how you welcome God closer to your life who has plenty to bless you with. To be in a position where you will inherit his kingdom is when you purpose to invest your life in his work. You will achieve this by studying his word, contemplating on it, praising and worshipping him as well as making petitions to him.

As you do that, it is necessary to make known to others the goodness of God. Such acts of faith in him will acquire you his rule over your life. He fascinates in witnessing everyone succeed and it is only in his control you will be able to achieve so. Saint Expedite offers to intercede for you to your creator when your faith is weak making it difficult to recall God’s authority in your life. Make the transfer of command from the evil to God just as you would with the stock transfer. 

Secure Your Transfer

Before we are able to be connected to the multitude of blessings that God has promised us, he will look at your faithfulness in him. When you have the evil in charge of your life, you lack faithfulness in God. This allures delays, difficulties, and disappointments. You might be a church-goer to praise and worship the Lord, but the hardships in your life persist. The mercies of the Lord will reach you but after God is done with those that have fully placed their lives on Him. Your blessings will take time to reach you compared to one who is faithful and dependent on God. 

Saint Expedite is revealing to you that God needs you to place your life in his hands to make it easier for him to bless you at any time you want. He recognizes the faithfulness in a person and uses it to prioritize them in all they do. Once you place your life in the evil, you risk hardships and misery all your life. You should not allow doubts as to whether God will take you off the situations you put yourself into being a hindrance to giving God the chance to rule over your life. You secure a successful transfer of power from the evil to God by living as his directives. Also, accepting Christ reside in your hearts guarantees success in the transfer of authority.

Use Your Energy to Living for Christ 

To enjoy living a fulfilled life full of success, lay your energy to works that glorify the Lord. Saint Expedite urges that you consider putting your energy into growing your spirituality. This is because it is through spirituality that you will receive eternal life as promised.

Instill your energy in knowing the Lord by studying his word. This is by praising and worshipping him and sending your petitions to him. The energy you use to do these acts of your faithfulness towards God does not go to waste. God will repay you by showering you with His blessings and renewing your energy from time to time. He will straighten your journey of faith making sure that any hindrances that come along are not a distractor to your purpose of living in spirituality. 

God never intends to lead any of His children into misery. One who walks on this path will meet the purpose their lives are intended to. He tells us that through this way we will be able to endure any suffering that comes to us. We need to maintain our faith that we are on the right track and that not even the difficulties we encounter will make us leave it.

Giving your life to him means letting him be in control of your life. He becomes responsible for you and all your acts. Confess your sins to be made whole once more and accept Christ as the savior. You will be blessed with his riches and be allowed to enter the gates of heaven as a result of accepting to use your energy in living for Christ.

Prayer to Saint Expedite for Swift Intercession

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