St. Isidore – Loans From God’s Reserves

Every living being that passes through the world will face their fair share of obstacles and difficult times. Yet it is through these encounters and hardship that we encounter huge transformation.

Whatever may come, St. Isidore wants you to know that you are never alone. There is not a day of our life that passes without God keeping an eye out for our well-being, and He faithfully dispatches patron saints and guardians to dispel evil and lead us away from treacherous paths.

As we practice our faith, He loans us His unwavering light to get us through all temptations and afflictions. Whenever we feel like we are lacking or lost, that is when we must draw upon His abundant reserves facilitate our causes.

St. Isidore wants us to know that when the light grows dim, we must turn to the everlasting light of the world to replenish our reserves. No longer shall we be held to the debt of sin and suffering, for you are worthy of the promises of the Lord and heir to His fortunes.

You may not know this, but during His life, Saint Isidore was responsible for bringing wealth and abundance to those who were lacking. He performed miracles like multiplying food and enriching harvests, keeping true to his steadfast faith and commitment to the Lord’s work. Today he wants you to know that he is also laboring to bring miracles into your life.

Do not be afraid to secure credit from the Lord for his bank of love never runs dry and is open to those who deserve a helping hand.

Leverage On The Lord

What’s the benefit of asking God for help? Can’t I just attempt to solve and accomplish everything by my own two hands? To answer this question one needs to understand the concept of leverage.

If we use our own personal finances to pay off a house all at once, we will have very little options and can only afford certain properties that fit within that price range. However when we take a loan from the bank, we can leverage on the additional funding to acquire a home that is bigger, more beautiful and more comfortable for us to live in.

Similarly when we draw on the Lord, we are not simply relying on our own personal skills, abilities and assets but instead open our hearts to a higher power that enables us to achieve greater works in our lives. This is important because alone we are limited, but when we do things with great love through the power of God, nothing is unreachable.

"Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” - Matthew 10:26

Sadly, many people go through their lives relying on their own intuition and understanding, without realizing the opportunity cost they have missed had they secured the Lord’s generous aid in times of need or in pursuit of their goals.

When faced with seemingly insurmountable situations, despair comes at the delight of the devil. But the faithful know that when we turn to the Lord, all will be well for His name is above all names.

Paying Interest

Unlike traditional bank loans that charge varying amounts of interest for us to have access to their credit, the Lord does not demand that we pay for His love & promises. He does not repossess our properties for failing to pay on time, but offers us endless opportunities to draw closer to Him.

However in order to be connected to his supply of everlasting love and abundance, we must be in a state where we are “open” to receiving His graces. If we choose to live a life of sin, then we are cut off God’s light as a result of our actions.

St. Isidore wants us to understand that this isn’t a decision by the Lord to restrict us from His blessings, but rather a situation that we have placed ourselves in. Because we accepted the ways of sin & vice, we have indirectly distanced ourselves to the Lord. For we cannot claim to be faithful children of Christ if we are steep in transgression and immorality.

The price of salvation was already paid by the suffering of Jesus on the cross, but we must also open our hearts to receiving His love.

The Will to Seek God

With St. Isidore’s message is a crucial reminder that there are many divine forces at work looking over you to ensure your health, spiritual growth and well-being. They may not always intervene for they require your permission before manifesting abundance in our lives.

This is the consequence of our gift of free will, where we are free to choose our actions and path in life. Though we may sometimes stray from Him, God is always awaiting with open arms when we choose to step into His light. When we are encumbered and can’t seem to move forward, He will open the doors to His vast reserves as long as we call upon His holy name.

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