St. Thomas – Start Your Daily Detox

Saint Thomas the Apostle has been sent to you today to deliver a reminder for you to set time to for a daily detox routine. This will help you to remain spiritually healthy.

Just as you take care of your physical health, it is a wake-up call to look after your spiritual health so that in the long-run you will not succumb to lifestyle spiritual illnesses. 

Remove Toxins From The Soul

In Matthew 16: 26, the word of God calls upon us to reflect on the subject of “what good would it be if a man gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

At the moment, we often tend to forget that we are on a journey and at the end of the journey, our souls will return to God our creator who will judge us based on how we lead our lives today. Saint Thomas is warning us that it is high time that we seek to save our souls by removing the toxins of sins and turning away from our evil ways. 

Beloved, you might be wondering how you are going to remove toxins from your soul. The apostle is revealing to us that being children of God, the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross of calvary was the greatest detox that cleansed our souls and broke the barrier between humanity and God.

However, we cannot continue to expose our souls to toxins just because we were greatly detoxed. We are called upon to constantly repent our sins whenever we fall into temptation and seek the grace of God to help us avoid near occasions of sin. Sin and temptations are major toxins harmful to our souls thus it is through cutting ties with the things and people who pull us towards the pit of sin that our souls are able to stay pure. 

Cleanse The Body

In the book of Psalms 51:7, David begged God to purify, wash and cleanse him from his iniquity for he would be clean and whiter than snow. Just as we seek to shower everyday and cleanse our bodies, our souls need to be cleansed too.

While water and bodily scents are used to cleanse the body, repentance and faith in God are the scents we need to cleanse our souls. Whenever we repent, it should come from the deepest part of our souls as opposed to uttering it with our lips. By repentance we come naked and empty calling out and seeking the grace of God to cover us and take away our shame. 

Jesus called out the Pharisees for cleaning the outside of the cup yet the inside was full of dirt in the book of Matthew 23: 26. He regarded them as hypocrites and compared them to whitewashed tombs which seemed beautiful on the outside yet they were unclean and full of dead bones on the inside.

Sometimes we tend to put too much focus on washing our bodies and dressing in the most expensive tastes yet we do not have a good relationship with God. We seek to be seen as good people yet we are full of evil intentions and motives and this only ends up separating us from the grace of God. In the end, we lose our souls and we are subjected to eternal condemnation. Saint Thomas is, however, encouraging us that it is not too late and we can always cleanse our souls and thus restore our position as children of God. 

Take Control Of Your Health

It is important that we come up with a daily detox routine to ensure we do not lose the improvements we have achieved. The path to God’s kingdom requires a certain level of discipline and effot, but as Christ assured us, it will all be worth it in the end.

There are many times we confess our sins and come up with resolutions to stay away from sin, yet there temptations come our way and because of our human nature we tend to fall back. Sometimes we even give up on our resolutions because we are disappointed in ourselves.  

Saint Thomas is warning us that once we detox our souls and make up our minds to start a detox routine, there are many voices that will try to coerce us back into our previous lifestyle. Toxins and pollutants of all nature will draw closer to us just with the intention of pulling us away from our detox routine. However, we need to be firm in our decision to ensure that we do not go back to our old lifestyle that will ruin our spiritual health. 

Tips To Detox

  • Come up with a prayer routine-Just as physical health, our spiritual health requires planning thus we need to set aside some time to pray and seek the guidance of God.
  • Forgiveness- By practicing forgiveness, we release and let go of the bitterness toxin that is dangerous to our spiritual health.
  • Kindness-By being kind to other people, we allow our souls to be cleansed and it is important to ensure we maintain a spiritual glow. 

Prayer To Saint Thomas

“Dear Saint Thomas, thank you for reminding me that it is time for me to detox.

Help me to purge the sins of my past.

And to cleanse any impure thoughts from my consciousness.

Allow me to remain steadfast in my dedication to Christ and His ways.

I beseech thee to help me take care of my spiritual health and constantly detox my soul so that I may not lose my position as a child and an heir of the kingdom of God.”


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