St. Christopher – Insurance For Your Travels

At times, life seems so fragile and holds so many uncertainties and dangers. Saint Christopher comes to you with the aim of reassuring you that God will be ever present in our travels, no matter the distance or challenges that we encounter.

Through God we will be courageous to carry out anything in life for in case of any harm caused, He is the only insurance that we need for our daily travels. The saint tells us that even the time we have lost in the moments we suffered, God will compensate us if at all we put our faith and trust in him.

Insuring Your Life To God

Just as an insurer comes in handy to cover our expenses when we are involved in an accident, God is always ready to cushion us and protect us from any harm that may befall us. If we lead through life without God, we are subjected to suffering. We lack a supreme being to whom we can place our life for safety and intervention when need be. We tend to wonder why suffering does not seem to come to an end, the reason being we have ignored accepting Christ in our hearts which brings God closer to us.

Saint Christopher comes to you today to pass you a message of the need to have God as our life insurer just as the insurance for travels. Perhaps there was a time the evil one lured you into his ways and it resulted in you experiencing problems through life. If you change and follow God’s ways and accept his son into your hearts, he will compensate you for the time you have lost in the hands of the evil one.

God wishes to be the one in control of you so that he can share the privileges of his kingdom to you. To maintain the agreement of his insurance to you there is need to keep your trust in him and follow his word at all times even when you are at your worst. Saint Christopher asks to be involved in your life to make sure that he can alert you when you start to act contrary to honoring the terms of maintaining the agreement.

Planning To Live A Life Guided By God

Most of us as we plan to travel, we often tend to forget God until something bad has or is about to happen. This also happens in the moments we are living where we tend to ask him for help when things start to turn contrary to our expectations.

Saint Christopher comes to us to let us know that when we live as per the plan of God, we will overcome any challenge that we encounter.  In the Bible, is God’s plan for our lives which if we follow, we will attract abundant blessings. Following His plan is us to pass the test he has given us here on earth so as to receive eternal life.  The saint wants us to allow him to be part of our lives so that he can encourage us as we put God’s word into actions.  

You Need God Just As A Patient Paying For A Medical Concierge 

When one is ailing, we want a one on one conversation on our progress with the doctor at any time and that is why some of us pay for the medical concierge. Just as how we see the need to pay for a medical concierge is similar to how we should see the importance of seeking God at all times whether or not we are in trouble.

Saint Christopher passes us a message that God wants us to be in touch with him always in our lives. We are his children and he wants us to involve him in our lives despite the fact that he knows all our plans even before we put them in place. He desires to know generally everything about our lives such as the progress we are making and the changes we would want reversed. 

The Saint comes to you to let you know that the effort you put to communicate to a doctor at any time, is how you should to God who is capable of taking your problems including your disease away from you completely. He informs us that you should seek his presence in your life always through prayers. One who has sought God’s presence in their lives as how medical concierge purports to function to a patient, emerges victorious.

God Is Available At All Times In Your Life

Being called to resume work, for instance, from leave ahead of the actual date requires one to make an emergency trip if they were in another destination. Perhaps at one point in your life, you have had an emergency and rushed to hospital which needed God’s intervention. He is always available and he is hopeful that you need him all the time, not only when an emergency occurs.

Saint Christopher is here to encourage you not to lose hope even when things don’t happen as per how you expected them. He also urges us to always be prepared for the end of the world will happen without our knowledge just as an emergency travel occurs. We are advised to stay on the lookout for the coming of the messiah’s arrival is nearing. Saint Christopher wants us to ask to be pardoned and be given a new life through receiving Christ in our hearts so that we don’t miss the chance to see the kingdom of God. He offers to be by our side so that he can remind us of the need to be prepared.

Avoiding Suffering Through Salvation

Many reasons can render one to get involved in an accident which can be avoided for instance if you drove when in a sober mind. Similarly, you could avoid suffering if you chose to be or remain in Christ. You will reach your creator if you accept to be steady in salvation. Saint Christopher comes to you to tell you that God nears those who have agreed to be followers of his son and his word.

He does not approve of you undergoing any suffering. Therefore, he gives you the strength to overcome any challenge no matter the impact it seems to have on you for nothing surpasses his strength. Since challenges are unavoidable, Saint Christopher tells you to opt remaining in salvation so as to receive help when they happen. 

Prayer To Saint Christopher

“Dear Saint Christopher, I am grateful for enlightening me with messages on what to do for me to receive compensation for the time lost to suffering.

Through your teachings, I will maximize my trust in my creator so that I can align to his plans for my life.

When I seem to be giving up, I invite you to be by my side for encouragement.”

Amen 🙏

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