St. Lucy – Hosting More Light

St. Lucy has come today with a message that light & love will flow to you this very day. God extends his graces unto his flock daily, but are we in the correct state to receive his blessings?

Cleaning Your System

Dear child of the kingdom of God, today you have received a calling to clean up your system and begin renewed. Just like any device that has been used over a period of time, it is inevitable that performance will be slowed as more files accumulate.

Sin and negative experiences that happen in our lives slowly take root and affect our way of thinking. The best way to forward would be to purge the unneeded “files” in our life to make room for greater self-discovery and better performance.

The Lord has heard your cry for you have been lamenting over the malware in your system and that you do not know how to get rid of it. Do not worry, for it is by the nature of your humanity that you are susceptible to sin yet the most important thing to do is to repent entirety and seek the forgiveness of God and he will surely get rid of all the malware in your system.

Saint Lucy is revealing to us that we cannot begin to write a new system without getting rid of the corrupted one. However, you need to take it easy and pray for God’s grace in your life. We often tend to feel bad whenever we disobey God after we had promised him that we would stay away from sin.

Today we are reminded that it is never too late to turn back to God for he is our father and he is graceful and never judges us based on our past. Take up the challenge today to leave the corrupted past behind and establish a new relationship with God for he will direct you in the right direction.

Securing His Domain

God desires that we host him in our lives and submit all our desires unto him. He wishes that we would entrust ourselves fully to him and give him the steering wheel of our lives for him to lead us. We often think that we can make it through our abilities, strength, knowledge and even power yet the reality is that we are nothing without him.

We cannot even last a second without his presence for we exist only through his mercy and power. We are thus called upon to put our trust fully in the Lord for he is our only refuge and we are certain that we will be secured.

Saint Lucy is warning us against being children of the dark when it comes to our actions for God is omnipresent and nothing can be hidden from him. We should ensure that whatever we do is meant for his glory and that our actions bring honor to his name.

We are reminded that we are not permanent residents of the universe as heaven is our home hence we should strive to ensure our actions secure us a place in the kingdom of God. At the end of it all, we shall have to go back to our creator and we shall face judgment accordingly hence if we lead a Godly life our souls will be secured.

Storing His Light

In the bible, Jesus indicated that a burning candle cannot be covered under a bowl but instead it lights a room. In the same way, we ought to lead our lives in a manner that depicts that we are Christians hosted by God. By virtue of being children of God, we have the responsibility of hosting the light of Christ. By storing his light, our actions should reflect the actions of Christ and it should help us draw more people into his kingdom.

Saint Lucy is warning us against taking the path that leads to the darkness yet we are hosts of the light of Christ for it can only result in destruction. Through our actions, other people should be able to recognize Christ who is in us even without being required to proclaim a word.

Most of us claim to be Christians yet our actions some times depict the opposite. Even the word of God warns us against being lukewarm and dictates that we are either hot or cold. How then can we claim to be children of the light yet we walk in the dark?

Broadcast Your Message

As hosts of the light of Christ, we are tasked with the responsibility of broadcasting the message of the works and wonders of Christ through our testimonies to ensure that we invite more people into his kingdom. Whenever we experience Christ, our life changes for the better hence we should not be selfish to keep the good news to ourselves. 

The story of the Samaritan woman in the bible should be our inspiration to broadcast Christ to others. After the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the well and He gave unto her the living water, the Samaritan woman went back home and called her fellow Samaritans to come and meet him. Likewise, we are called upon to introduce Christ to other people in the world so that they may also have the chance to host Christ.

Prayer To Saint Lucy

“Dear Saint Lucy, patron saint of the light, intercede for me that I may be a host of the light of Christ.

I pray for the grace to be able to lead a life that reflects that I am a child of the light and my actions may secure me a place in the domain of God.

Help me to spread the light of Christ to others, such that I may touch their lives and strengthen their faith.

I will wield His torch with me as I go, and with it dispel the shadows all around.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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