St. Sebastian – Banking On Your Saints

The patron saint of courage, Saint Sebastian has appeared to let us know that we can bank on our saints for assistance in our lives – be it financial, physical, mental or spiritual needs.

He is assuring us that when we leverage on the intercessory powers of our beloved saints, our interests will bear more yield than if we were to go at it alone.

Place your trust in God’s chosen, and take comfort in knowing that our heavenly guardians are watching over us, protecting us from unnecessary risk or collapse.

Protecting Your Assets

Many people become overly obsessed with building up wealth and financial assets in their lifetime in order to reap the maximum benefits.

But as Christ taught us, our real reward lies in the bank of heaven.

Today we are reminded that the gift of life is our greatest asset which needs to be placed in safe hands for protection from the evil one. If you cannot distinguish where to place your life, you are exposed and prone to suffering or experiencing losses from attacks and destruction.

Saint Sebastian approaches you today with a message that God himself is the guarantor and has promised to secure protection for your greatest asset.

God fades away all worries, any toxic thoughts from your minds and diffuses the fiery attacks by the enemy. Ask for God’s protection each day you wake up and through this you are assured that nothing will happen to you without his knowledge for he is in control of everything.

Those who trust in him are shielded from harm that is planned by the evil one. If you feel insecure of the protection of any of your assets, the patron saint of strength offers himself and all your saints to be by your side to reassure you that the Lord is on watch and will not allow any damage will occur to them.

Donating To God’s Institutions

For us to appease the heavenly banking institutions, we ought to donate to the institutions of God when we have resources in plenty. It is only by doing so that we receive more for the heavenly banking law states that; “to whom more is given, more shall be expected.”

Most of us even when we are blessed with extra sources of income, rarely donate especially to God’s institutions. However, we are quick to complain when we lack and we question what wrong we may have done to deserve insufficiency. The problem is that we ignore giving back to the Lord who has opened doors for us. A thanksgiving prayer to your creator is good, but physical help in building up his institutions of love and peace will also go a long way.

When Christ was on earth, he aimed at connecting people to the word of God and the churches today are helping in the continuation of his work. The patron saint of persistence is letting us know that one who gives to God’s institutions signifies the love between God and us. Donations, whether in the form of charity or tithing, are instrumental in assisting the ministry of the church to stay alive and have taken part in the continuity of spreading the gospel of God. 

Lending To Others

You are fulfilling the Lord’s mission when you help the less fortunate. If you are to lend someone something, give them wholeheartedly, expecting nothing in return and that’s how you will attract God’s blessings.

God is amazed by such deeds and he commits to never let those who help others suffer inadequacy at any time in their lives. By lending others shows your love to your neighbor as much as you love yourselves, the greatest command God has given us.

You are urged to have mercy on the poor and help them and certainly God will have mercy on you. Through his mercies, you will be forgiven the sins you have made against him, giving you a chance to change your ways and embrace following his path.

Also, God does not want you to be slaves of men over the debts you have, but instead ask anything from him. He has in abundance and enough for everyone.

Start Investing Now

Think of our deeds like deposits into the bank of heaven, one that flourishes and earns more interest as time goes by. Each time we spread love, joy and peace to those around us, we are making more deposits into this bank.

Any time invested in the work of the Lord does not go unseen even if we do not receive immediate recognition. This is why any investment that you make in the name of the Lord is bound to yield the greatest results – not just on earth but also in the kingdom of Heaven.

By doing so, you will receive unending blessings from him. As you make time for growth in the Lord, you are increasing your effectiveness in his Kingdom.

Engaging in fellowship, worship and discipleship are some of the ways in which you invest your time in the Lord. Aim not to give up for your efforts to grow in the Lord will pay at one point in your lives.

Take heart when investing in the Lord because earthly treasures are eventually futile, but no time spent doing God’s work will ever go to waste.

Prayer to Saint Sebastian

“Dear saint Sebastian, I am thankful for your insights on how to live a life that is banked on my saints.

I beseech you and all my saints to intercede for me when my faith feels weak.

Help me show love to others as my creator does to me.

I hope that all the knowledge equipped to me will be evident in my life.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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