St. Bartholomew – Gather Your God-Given Assets Close To You, For Your Eternal Profits Are Close At Hand

Beloved one, your financial struggles and hardships are coming to an end. Knowing the purity of your heat, God wants goodness and prosperity to flow to you. You simply need to entrust your works with God and he will not only help you secure a lasting means of livelihood but also aid you in managing the gains you attain. 

Stop Burdening Yourself and Allow Me to Manage Your Works

Commitment and persistence are important factors of success in any endeavor. Your devotion to your work throughout the years is highly commendable, do not worry if the results are coming in slowly at first. Like a bank of all deeds, the Lord will keep you safe and ensure your needs are well taken care of.

Not all roads in life lead to the attainment of wealth & fortune, but those who seek the accumulation of wealth in God will find deep accomplishment in all things.

Communicate your needs to the Lord and He shall see you triumph over arduous challenges. Do not doubt that your faith has power to work His miracles into your life. For the God who gave up His only son for the sake of our sins in an act of divine love, do you not think that He would send His angels & saints to rush to your aid when you are in need?

Just as we find all means and ways to make ends meet to provide for our children and to put food on the table to satisfy their needs, so too does the Lord seek our sustenance and happiness. If you have not yet made it a habit to set some time to allow God’s presence in your life, I am urging you not to overlook this important need. It is innate in your soul to crave the grace of the Lord each day. Just as surely as you head out for work or remember to eat your meals at the appropriate times, your spiritual needs are just as crucial in your overall well-being.

I am Enough, Seek to Please Me With Your Works and Actions. I Will Not Allow You To Suffer Inadequacies. 

As Colossians 3:23-24 states, “In anything you do, do it with all your heart, working it for God and not men, being aware that from God you will attain privileges as gifts. You are attending to the Lord Christ.”

One thing about God is that once you allow him in your life, it is a surety that you’ve separated from insufficiencies. At times you might be tested and experience some form of inadequacy in your finances, but the one thing you will never be lacking is the support of your Divine Father. At any one time, God will provide you with the strength to overcome.

I am here to reveal to you that God’s bountifulness is wanting and worth it. Hence, I embolden you to make efforts to act towards receiving it and your life will definitely grow buoyant.

When you work hard while having it in mind that you are working for the glory of the name of Christ, you will accumulate wealth that you’ve never had all your life.  Money will be the last thing on your list of worries as it will flow in abundance in your life. God will release his resources and wisdom on how to utilize them to you. Begin to fascinate in this direction that you are about to take for such an opportunity comes once and when you disregard it, it will be passed on to another person.

Once You Choose to Walk on the Path of Kindness and Share With Others, I Will Grant You Prosperity and Fill Your Cup.

Dear one, I am reminding you that God is the owner of everything in the universe and beyond. He is the source of all wealth and he spreads it out to whoever he wants and in his desired timing. Do you know that God desires to bless you with abundance? There are plenty of occasions he intends to fill your basket yet only to find that it is already full and there is no more space.

As your saint, I am revealing to you that the greatest secret to receiving wealth from God is to empty your basket by helping others. Once you adopt a habit of helping those in need, God will use you to be a blessing to them and your cup will never empty. He will make you a steward of his kingdom and place you in a position to manage his wealth on earth as you spread your legacy to others. However, once you are placed in that position, you must never forget to give him glory and acknowledge his power and might. 

Let Us Pray

“Dear God, I call upon you to fill my cup when it is running low. You are my sustenance, my provider and my redeemer. Truly, your love and your grace are enough for me. Help me to seek the things that are suitable for your mighty plan, and may I never cease to drink from your everlasting cup that is overflowing with abundance. Help me to be full & complete, so that I may spread my abundance of joy to others. For your love is the true wealth that I seek, your kingdom is the everlasting home that I need.

St. Bartholomew, Apostle & martyr of Our Lord, pray for us.


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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