Saint John – Let Your Spiritual Bonds Guide You

Your spiritual bonds to God are formed through proper association with the communion of saints, our heavenly angels and with Christ, the Father and the Son. Unlike simply maintaining a relationship, these bonds run far deeper and tie us to the one true God from which salvation comes from.

When we say that we are bonded to Christ, it means that we have accepted him into our lives and are linked to divine sacrifice on the cross. As such we too are entitled to the dividends that will surely come. Just like shareholders in the company of God, as we contribute to God’s mission on earth, so too shall we reap the rewards of our labor.

Saint John is the beloved disciple of Christ and as the patron Saint of love, loyalty and friendships He intercedes for us to uphold the strong bonds that we have with the kingdom of the Lord. This spiritual bond isn’t simply individualistic but is also defined by the relationships that we maintain with the people in our lives, for God is present in each one of us and we have been called to build a thriving community of the faithful.

Because you have chosen to be part of the body of Christ, we have been saved by His mercy and shall enjoy protection, wealth and wisdom for us long as we seek the Lord. Take stock and be mindful of the actions & thoughts that you keep, for they will ultimate translate to strengthen or weaken the spiritual bonds that we have in Christ.

Bonds That Bring Yield

All good things in our lives come through Christ. Relying on ourselves grants no real purpose or achievement, but because of the bond that we have to the Father, we are connected the everlasting supply of gifts, blessings and promises which flow from Him.

St. John reminds us that just as He freely gives to us and provides for all that we need in our lives, so too must we give freely to others without greed or fear of loss for God’s supply for us shall never cease. If we realize that God is the one actually responsible for all of our successes, then we shall share with others more fervently that they too shall experience God and be part of his great kingdom to come. God did not create us to be in competition with each other, but instead to represent His works and live for his glory.

God’s kingdom is meant to be reserved for a “select few”, but the more people we bring into His light, the greater the index grows. We are made better with a thriving community rather than trying to go at it alone. As individuals we can only accomplish so much, but together are potential skyrockets exponentially. Thus the spiritual bonds that we have in the Lord and others shall bear far more yield as we establish positive relationships with others.

Securing Your Assets

The best security for any obstacle, calamity or ill events is our faith. It can be difficult for us to keep the faith during the hard times, but it is during those times where it is the most important.

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” The truth is that we have the power to manifest a positive outcome in any situation as long as we maintain our faith in God.

But why is faith so important? It is the security that we during the storms and the firm foundation from which all miracles spring from. For all great things started with the seed of faith before it was accomplished. Faith is having the confidence, belief and conviction that our Heavenly Father will see things through.

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus said “Amen I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

As the children of the almighty God did you think that He would leave us alone and defenseless in a world full of violence and sin? No, he has in fact given us the power to accomplish all things in life. The seeds of blooming miracles with which we merely need to plant and scatter. Just as St. John and the other disciples were persecuted and suppressed, yet their faith allowed them to accomplish so many great things in the name of the Lord who has reserved their just reward in His kingdom.

Saint John is revealing to us that having faith in God creates unbreakable spiritual bonds and guarantees our triumph over all hardships in life. We shall emerge victorious from any fights planned by the evil in our lives.

The Debt Has Been Paid

In order to be fully connected to the promises of Christ, we must also accept His forgiveness and no longer carry the burden of our past sins with us.

Many people have turned to God in goodness but still hold on to some form of guilt for they are unable to completely forgive themselves. This is dangerous for our own guilt prevents us from drawing closer to Him.

There is no love which surpasses that which God exhibited by sacrificing his own only son for the sake of humanity. This belief alone can see you achieve lots of achievements since you will live in alignment with a new life that is free of sin. Therefore, you will attract favour that comes along with plenty of blessings and challenges will be your stronghold points to move on with life. 

St. John calls upon you today to let go of the past. No longer should you be shackled by sins of the past, step into the divine light of Christ who has absolved you of any wrong. As long as you repent, forgive yourself and not hold on to the guilt. Go forth and commit to upholding the spiritual bonds that you have accepted in your life.

God knows that we are fallible creatures. He will strengthen us, He will give us hope and He will steer us on the right path. We need only to reach out and grasp His hand extended, and keep the light of our faith burning brightly for all to share in His warmth.

Prayer to St. John for His Intercession

“Dear Saint John, thank you for your resounding message of hope that I am secured in Christ.

Let me never forget my deep connection to the Lord.

Help me to steel my resolve and to walk in the ways of Christ,

And to draw on my faith as my superpower to accomplish all.

Pray for me as I assent to living under God’s directives in my life and to cultivate unbreakable bonds of faith that will see me through any situation.

With my faith let me bring joy, peace and prosperity to this world.

I hereby accept God’s forgiveness and let go of all the past guilt, pain and suffering that I have been carrying with me.

I am a child of God, and I will bring light to all who I meet.


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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