St. Peter – Build Your Positive Reality

St. Peter is here today to tell you that when you radiate with positivity, the same energy will flow back to you.

Sometimes we feel tired and hopeless of the adversities we come across that we find it difficult to stay positive.

St. Peter encourages us to maintain an optimistic outlook and perception on the challenges you encounter in life. If you ever feel like giving up, he is reminding you that you should remain strong in faith amidst life problems for you may have fallen but not defeated. He assures you of divine power and presence in your life that shall help you overcome all your troubles. He assures of the support and guidance of the universe in the face of adversities.

Change Your Perception.

Often when faced with heavy storms we think of defeat and depression. We submit ourselves to the challenges and wallow in anxiety and worry. We see darkness, we see weakness and failure.

St. Peter has witnessed how overwhelmed you have become due to the challenges in your life that you have developed fear and anxiety which in turn has had you lose faith in God. Very often when faced by calamities we tend to lose sight of what is important, which is leaning on God in faith and focus more on our problems.

He is calling upon you to adapt a positive mindset and outlook in each and every module in your life. We all know in order for a flower to grow and blossom it requires both rain and sunlight, similarly for us to grow and blossom we need to embrace the stormy rains and the calm shiny days. When we adopt such a mentality the universe will reflect the same positivity and enable us to see the best out of every situation either good or bad.

Even when we feel alone and abandoned in our challenges, God is always by our side to guide and protect. He reminds you that everything that happens in your life is in control of the Most High and serves his purpose. He assures you that you are called to serve a great purpose and the universe has great plans for you, those of victory and prosperity. Change how you perceive the challenges in your life and view them as milestones to bring you closer to thee and closer to your destiny. St. Peter confirms to you of his guidance and promises to intercede for you in those times of adversities that you may adopt positivity and emerge victorious.

Practice self-love.

As human beings, we were born with a negative conscience that very easily kicks in when faced with challenges. It is very easy for us to be negative rather than positive in the stormy days that we easily confess negative things about ourselves such as “am not strong enough”, “am incapable” and find ourselves giving in to the challenges. Each and every day we are faced with different challenges in different modules in our lives and so Saint Peter is calling you to speak and confess great things about self as that shall help you overcome life challenges.

Every day tell yourself and make it sink that you are beautiful, strong, and powerful and that you are guided and surrounded by the grace and favor of the Lord. That you have the power to overcome all that is meant to destroy you. At times we feel that we are unworthy of love and favor from God due to certain choices and mistakes we have made in our lives.

We also tend to hate ourselves for the same reason. The saint peter reminds you of God’s unconditional love despite your sins and you should embrace self- love and forgiveness for you are forgiven and acceptable to thee. He urges you to surround yourself with people that radiate positivity and values you for who you are. He guarantees you that he is by your side in those times of adversities interceding for you so you may gain victory against the challenges you encounter along the path to your destiny.

Always be grateful.

In those times you feel alone and feel that you have been abandoned by God because the challenges you are facing at the moment have mercilessly savaged you, remember of the times you have experienced and felt the favor of God in your life. In the face of adversities, saint Peter is reminding you of those days you felt grateful and thankful to the universe for bestowing upon you grace and blessings. He asks you to harbor hope in those moments that despite the circumstances in your life at the present moment, the odds will be twisted in your favor sooner than you know it. Many times when we come across tough life situations we forget about how good the universe has been in the past as the challenges blinds us, inspire fear and worry, and cause us to lose faith in God’s plans and promises for us.

Saint Peter encourages you to embrace and be grateful at all times, in the good and the bad times as each and every experience serves a greater purpose for you. He assures you of the guidance and protection of the universe as he is always present in your life interceding for you that you may find your way and the light in those times you are subjected to darkness.

Prayer for St. Peter’s Intercession

“Dear St. Peter,

You who are the patron saint against fear, panic, and worry.

I call upon you that you may intercede for me in those times I feel weak due to the challenges along my path.

I beseech thee to grant me the strength and courage to overcome each and every problem I come across and have me emerge victorious.

For as Christ proclaimed you as the Rock of His Church,

So too do I humbly request your firm guidance and strength.

In God I will place my utmost trust and confidence.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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