St. Benedict – Break Free From Addiction

Whilst the faithful do their utmost to walk in the path of Christ, it is no secret that the influences of the Evil One have taken root all over the earth causing strife and hardships to the people.

Distancing ourselves from temptation has never been harder, and so to is will to resist sin and evil. We are sorely in need of a way to break free from the addiction of sinning against our creator.

Yet in the midst of this seemingly bleak setting, we know that there is nothing that cannot be changed without the help of God.

Today, Christ has sent to us his beloved Saint Benedict, the patron saint of protection from evil, to lead our charge against addictions and purge our souls from sin & vice.

The arrival of Saint Benedict reminds us that we came from God and he alone should be in charge of our lives and through this, we will break free from the addiction of sin.

Withdraw From Harmful Influence

Addiction results from consistent use of harmful substances. Similarly, sin often becomes part of our lives when we agree the evil one influences us. The enemy fascinates when he wins in enticing us to do the wrong which takes us away from God’s glory. God is not allured by those acts contrary to his word. He will not allow sinners to enter heaven. It is not that he hates us but the sins because they separate us from him.

The acceptance of Christ in our hearts is a way to withdraw from sin. God is responsible for those who invite him in their lives because all their actions initiate from his word.

When you give Christ authority over your life, the evil one will start to avoid and fear you for the power of God is in you. With Christ, your faith will be strengthened in readiness to face anything in life.

Having faith in the Lord means triumphing in all your hardships. The patron saint of protection of evil is warning us against having weak faith for one is not able to resist sin or rather withdraw from the path of the evil one. He urges us to feed our faith regularly by reading God’s word.

Heavenly Therapy

Therapy is offered to help people who have been affected by the intake of harmful substances, overcome addiction. Comparably, when the evil loses control in your life to Christ, get therapy from the word of God. You are advised to create more time for God by reading the Bible. This will get you enlightened on things you didn’t know about your creator which will make you want to serve God more and more.

The word of God heals you from any ailment you have been suffering from in the hands of the evil one. Accepting to do what it says breaks you free from the addiction of sinning against God. As you do this, Christ as your therapist will guide you on this path that is approved of by the Lord. This happens when you are in salvation meaning you have left your old ways. For you to live a life free from bondage of sin, often make time for heavenly therapy sessions. Create time to pray, worship, read and contemplate on the word of God as well as listening to him. 

Listen To Wise Counsel

If you aim at quitting addiction be keen at listening and adhering to the counseling given by counselors. It is a recommendation given to you on how to live a different befitted life. This is what God wants for us too. We are urged to listen to Christ and agree to receive him in our hearts. It will attract God whose suggestions on how to live life are in his Word. God hopes that we all get into salvation for that’s the only way we will be able to evade living under the control of harmful influence-the evil one. 

Whoever is keen at listening to the guidelines God has given on how to live a good life, acquires blessings to themselves. If you want tips on how to conduct the activities in your life, you need to make a request to God through prayers.

This gives him counsel authority over the voices you hear throughout your days. You then should wait on God in a time of silence, giving him the chance to get back to you. God’s counsel is perfect and matches no other. Since he created the earth and heaven, he has never made any mistake so you are assured that when you listen and follow his ideas, you will be successful on earth as well as secure yourself a place in heaven.

Path to Recovery

Getting off addiction from taking drugs requires one to have lots of counseling, therapy and time for them to get healed. Equally, after withdrawal from evil, your path to recovery requires you to have faith and trust in the Lord. Without faith, it is so easy for you not to resist sin and you will find yourself back at your old life once again. In your path to recovery, you call for often reading the word of God for you to strengthen your faith. This will aid you greatly in not listening to the evil who will try to lure you back to his path of sinning against God. 

The patron saint of protection of the evil offers to be by your side as you recover. He desires to see you break from sin entirely living a life dependent on your creator. He wants to see you get healed and make it to see heaven.

When Christ is in your hearts, he will help you live a life as he did when he was on earth. By growing his character in you, sin will not have a way into your life.

Prayer to Saint Benedict

“Dear patron saint of protection from evil, I appreciate your efforts to make it known to me on how I can break from sin.

Presently, I aim at putting into action your ideas into place asking my creator to guide me through.

You have impacted the way I see things and I have considered acting right in my life.

As I plan to change my ways, I ask you to be my guide so that I can have a place to gain my strength from.”

🙏 Amen🙏

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