St. Benedict – “Nothing in life is certain other than the love of God. Dear one, you can be at peace if you insure everything with God. You are called upon today to insure your Wellbeing in your Creator”

Life is full of uncertainties and risks. One minute things may seem smooth sailing and the other minute you may be met with roadblocks or hazards. What is the basis for such uncertainty and what purpose does this hold for your destiny?

In the face of constant changes & unpredictability, the one thing that you must make sure of is that you are prepared for life’s challenges as they come. The greatest protection for you and your loved ones is the unchanging love & divinity of our Lord.

Today I am calling you to insure your life to God’s potent power for his plans are everlasting and He has promised to indemnify you from all tribulations in His holy kingdom. Have faith and take heart that your salvation is close at hand, and fear not the road that you must tread to get there.

Insure Your Life on My Hands and Nothing Bad Will Befall You For I Will Hold You Closely

No being is free from experiencing the pain of suffering for it is present in all existence. We know that hard times are a part and parcel of holistic life. The question is, have you been insured by the promises of the Lord? Or are you still holding on the hurtful experiences that take a toll on your well-being?

Ask not for God to take away all painful experiences, but pray for the strength & grace to overcome them, and the wisdom to make sense of it that you might grow deeper in love and communion with God. His lifetime coverage is unfailing and extends for all who come to Him, for He will never allow you to experience more than you can bear.

He will recover bliss in your life and accord it in large measures to ensure you are not thinking about your past regardless of the damage it brought you. God’s peace cannot be matched with any other. It is accompanied by blessings which replace the effects of the personal injuries. 

Mathew 11.28 states that, “let all those who are feeling fatigued and broken near me, and I will accord them rest.”

Entrust him with your life and come to a consensus with him. When personal injury occurs, he will compensate you for the pain with joy and recover the time you spent enduring it. 

Do Not Travel Without My Coverage. I Am Walking With You Always.

Life is a beautiful voyage of ups & downs. Especially in this journey, one should not aim to go with haste, but rather to cover a greater distance.

We hurtle through life when we attempt all things on our own, but God has plans for you to arrive at your destination safe and sound. He who loves his children has put in place safeguards to protect you along the way.

My child, calm down and do not attempt to rush through life. It is folly to see life as a series of challenges or tasks that need to be accomplished in a robotic manner. Do not be impatient and know that everything will work out well in God’s time.

Come to Me All Who Are in Pain, I am the Spiritual Doctor and I Will Grant You Goodness In Spiritual Health.

Psalm 41:3 states that, “the Lord Preserves one in their sickbed; and in their ailments recovers them to full robustness.”

The Lord is with you and seeks to heal you from all ailments that are the work of the evil one. Trust that the heavens are working all things for your good.

Do not be anxious about your health, for He is the Lord that heals you. In all areas of your life, physical, mental & spiritual, the presence of the Lord there with you for the ultimate healing comes from Him.

As your saint, I urge you draw strength from your spiritual faith. To seek the promises of God on matters of his protection on your health. You deserve to be happy at all times and surrounded by love.

Let Us Pray

“Almighty God, I acknowledge that my ultimate wellbeing is incomplete without your divine presence. I place my trust in you and know that you have been with me through every step of the way. When I feel weak, give me strength. When I am tired, comfort me with your grace. And when I feel anxious, rejuvenate me the fire of your love. And when I am anxious, allow me to find peace in you. I place my trust & hope in your everlasting presence. Amen”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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