St. Jude Thaddeus – The Perfect Employer

For the employed, there is always a payday which is a day of joy and happiness as efforts and hardwork get rewarded. Failure to meet the expectations of that day only results to frustration and bitterness. Today’s saint is here to let you know that you should place all your hope and trust in God. 

Those who have accepted a supreme being into their lives are not worried about their tomorrow. Saint Jude Thaddeus comes today to let you know that you should be dependent on the expectations of the Lord and allow him to have authority over your life. He is reminding you that those who are guided by God live a good life and all their needs are met by him.

Making God Your Employer

God wishes to meet all your needs that results in living a satisfactory life. Your creator is not subject to making errors which would lead to delayed payments in the form of blessings. He does not wish to see you in distress as what your earthly employer does not care about. God wants you to work for him by accepting to follow his word and urging your fellows to follow it too. Those who live to fulfill the word of God make progress in their lives. They adequately receive blessings in their life. 

Saint Jude Thaddeus comes to you today to let you know that if you live under the control of the lord, you will triumph over all challenges you are experiencing. God’s treatment compares to no one’s. He loves you and does not wish to see you suffer. When you read God’s word, worship and love him and go ahead to encourage the non-believers to do so, you are carrying out his work and he will pay you hugely. Whatever it is that you will need, you will receive. He will not delay to bless you. Saint Jude commits himself to be by your side to encourage you as you carry out God’s work in the moments you feel discouraged.

Building Your Relationship With God 

Most of us are not familiar with our employers more so on a personal level. A relationship helps build trust in one another. When one familiarizes himself with God’s word, his son draws closer to him. They are able to maximize their faith towards him. Also, prayers are essential in building a firm relationship with God. Saint Jude is revealing to us that those who are in a relationship with the Lord do not fear when problems are at them for they have the surety that eventually he will help them solve them.

They are confident in the word of God and wait on him when they say a prayer to him. He stated that he answers petitions at his own timing and in accordance to his will. Those who have a connection with him are not bitter even when their prayers are not answered for they know that the Lord has a better plan for them. Saint Thaddeus urges us to consider having or strengthening our relationship with God for it will save us from getting distressed. The saint offers to guide you into ways that will draw you closer and maintain your relationship with the Lord. 

God’s Form Of Payment 

On your payday, most of you are paid in monetary form contrary to what God will pay you. Saint Jude passes us a message that one who works for the Lord receives more than just getting money. For instance, in case they are experiencing challenges, God gives them the strength to overcome them. If you have been ailing, you will obtain healing even if your doctors have tried all they can to find treatment for you. There is no challenge that precedes God’s power and hence he can solve anything for you. 

Saint Jude Thaddeus is making it aware to us that we will receive all that we desire when we work for the Lord. As a believer, you will fascinate God when you gather those who do not believe in his word, and preach his gospel to them. Saint Thaddeus states that God will shower his immense blessings on us if we persevere which will motivate us to continue working for him. 

Allowing God Decide On How to Pay Us 

Just as an employer decides on the currency to use to pay his employees is much the same as how we should allow God’s will to be done in our lives. Sometimes we want our wish to be granted forcefully but God restricts it if at all it is going to take you away from his goodness.

Saint Jude Thaddeus is warning us against the denial of the will of the Lord in our lives. He loves us and that is why he satisfies our needs and not our wishes. The lord wants us to meet our life’s purpose and that is why he will deny us those things that he knows will ruin us. Saint Jude Thaddeus tells us to increase our trust in the Lord and put our faith in him over our lives. He is a God who doesn’t fail and the decision he makes for us is for our best.

Prayer To Saint Jude Thaddeus

“Dear Saint Jude Thaddeus, I thank you for revealing to me how I can work for God.

I have realized that working for him secures me a chance to be forgiven from all my mistakes.

I appreciate the times you come to me to pass me a message on the need to have a relationship with God. I invite you to my life to guide me as work for the Lord.

I am hoping you intervened for me to the Lord to recruit me as his employee despite the mistakes I have done against him.

Teach me to be patient so that before I start teaching others your gospel on waiting on the Lord, it will have started with me.”

Amen 🙏

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