St. Martha – The Call to Justice

God the supreme judge of the universe requires that we treat each other with justice and equality. Even if the world has choses to walk on the path of injustice and derive pleasure in denying the poor and the helpless their rights, you are called to be different.

Today St. Martha is asking you to answer the call of justice and life as a righteous advocate of the Lord.

You Have Been Chosen For Royalty

Beloved, do you not know that you are a child of a king and an heir to the kingdom of God? Why do you allow yourself to behave in a manner that depicts ordinary yet you are royalty? God created us equal and in his own image thus you no longer need to feel inferior to other people. The world may undermine you and you may be treated unfairly by others yet you are reminded that you are the chosen heir in the kingdom of God.  

When Samuel was tasked with the responsibility of choosing the next king of Israel to replace Saul, he went to the house of Jesse looking to anoint Eliab who appeared to be strong in physique. However, the Lord rejected all the sons of Jesse who had been presented for the anointing.

David who was the youngest son of Jesse was out looking after the sheep and God commanded Samuel to anoint him. Just like Samuel, people may look down upon us and worse still, we may look down upon ourselves and feel inferior but our saint of the day is revealing to us that God does not choose the perfect people but he perfects those that he has chosen.

For he is the wisest judge above all, and he knows the hearts of men. Trust that the Lord has chosen you for a reason.

Ignore False Accusations

When people make false accusations towards you, their intention is always to bring you down. Oftentimes we let bitterness take the best part of us when we are falsely accused. When we soak in bitterness, we are prone to acting out of anger and falling into sin.

The bible states that the wages of sin is death and the reality is that upon considering the false accusations made on us and committing sin, we get ourselves into trouble and if not careful it throws us into the abyss of spiritual death. 

Saint Martha is encouraging us that we should not panic or have any worry when false accusations are made concerning us. Instead we should petition our case to God through prayer for he is a just judge and he will not watch us suffer injustice.

While our enemies may seem strong and winning, we are assured that our judge will always emerge victorious for he is able and mighty. Furthermore, we have the saints, angels and even the holy spirit to stand up for us and petition our cases hence we have the surety to win.

Stand Up For What Is Right

While most people choose to stand for what is popular, which tends to be wrong most of the time, as a child of God you are called to stand up for what is right. Most of the time we are afraid of standing up for what is right because we are afraid of being alone.

While the majority of the people are walking along the wrong path, we tend to follow them yet we are aware of the right path just because we are afraid of the consequences. In the end we end up being unjust and acting differently from what God desires. 

By accepting royalty, you will access plenty of privileges. However, with royalty comes great responsibilities and duties that you are expected to fulfill. Saint Martha is challenging us to let go of our fear and be different by standing up for what is right.

The book of Psalms 106: 3 states that blessed are they who maintain justice and constantly do what is right. For this reason we ought to put aside our fear and put on the garments of strength and courage and get ready to bear the responsibilities placed on our shoulders.

Christ – The All Powerful Judge

Saint Martha is revealing to us that Christ is the all powerful judge who sits on the throne listening to all the cases brought before him in the heavenly court. If you feel that the world has been unfair to you and you have been treated with injustice, you are encouraged to petition in the court of heaven.

The heavenly court’s protocols demand that you seek the help of angels and saints to fight for you and act as advocates during the proceedings. With the help of the angels and saints they will be able to make your case stronger and you will be certain that you shall be granted justice. 

Prayer To Saint Martha

“Dear Saint Martha, thank you for reminding me that I am a chosen child of royalty.

I pray that I may get the courage to stand up for what is right at all times and be a champion of justice in the world.

May I be a good representative and may my actions reflect those of Christ the just judge.


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