St. Expeditus – Lawyer of Your Life

Saint Expeditus, the martyr who brings swift assistance to all who call upon him, shares a message of hope and triumph amidst the trying times. He is the patron saint for legal cases and justice, and is well-known for his swift assistance for all in need of divine help.

The laws on earth are meant to help establish order and peace, but the laws of Heaven take precedence and must be obeyed. If you experience any worn, drawn out legal battles or injustice that has taken place in your home, Saint Expeditus represents you as your attorney in the court of Heaven. As a saint he does not make his own legal judgments, but applies the laws of God and pleads for leniency in our lives. When we are faithful to laws of Heaven, so to shall we receive swift help here on earth for God does not enjoy seeing his children suffer needlessly.

Sometimes our personal lawyers and public defenders do not have our best interests heart for they be more concerned with their success rates & compensation, but St. Expedite stands being us offering safety and protection in all cases. He does not seek anything in return, but wholeheartedly desires to see justice prevail for our sakes.

Swift Justice for The Oppressed

As a martyr of Christ who was persecuted for his faith, St. Expeditus knows how terrible it feels to be unjustly accused or to be bombarded with stacks of legal doctrines that we are unfamiliar in. He senses when there is an imbalance of justice in your life and wants to help you overcome all pending trials, acting as your lawyer to guide you through the process and finding the best settlement.

Place your faith in God and do not be too troubled by those who seek you harm, for no arrow shall pierce the protection that God has placed upon you. If we have committed wrongdoing, be sure to settle your affairs with the Lord and to ask for forgiveness. For when we are exonerated in Heaven, so to shall we receive swift absolution in our earthly endeavors.

Even if we do not face any legal battles in court, we are bound to experience inequality and unfairness in our lives. This is the time to turn to the Lord for help rather than try to take matters into our own hands.

Leniency For Repentance

Because of His overwhelming love for us, God gave us the free will to make our own decisions and decide how we wish to spend our lives. He knows that we are imperfect in our thoughts and he sympathizes with our weaknesses. When we sin, we not only hurt ourselves but hurt Him even more because of how much He loves us.

That is why despite all that we have done, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was meant to absolve us of our sins, but only if we accept him into our lives.

When we sin or make bad decisions and are faced with the consequences on earth, God is only able to help us if we repent and choose Him. Just as one cannot force another person to listen to their advice, neither will He force us to do so. The decision ultimately remains in our hands.

Should we make mistakes on earth and are faced with the legal consequences of those actions, we can still plead for leniency as long as we are repentant. Saint Expeditus not only works to deliver the righteous, but also those who have the humility to admit their wrongs and ask for the forgiveness from God.

As our divine attorney, he only has our best interests at heart and wishes for us to grow spiritually in faith. When we have made peace with ourselves and God, we shall also receive pardon for our offences on earth. For no one is beyond saving in the eyes of God.

Do Not Be Overcome With Worry

No matter how impossible your legal disputes or court case may seem, St. Expeditus commits to standing beside you as your attorney against all threats that present themselves. Worrying about something beyond your control isn’t going to help the situation, instead put your faith in the divine mercy and turn to prayer and confession to open your heart to the Lord’s miracles in your life.

Lift up all worries, care and anxiety to God whatever the outcome may be. God sometimes works in mysterious ways but his ultimate goal is to see you prosper and receive the justice that you so richly deserve.

Prayer for St. Expedite’s Swift Intercession

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