St. Benedict – Trust In The Wisdom Of Your Heavenly Advisors

Dear one, you have been blessed by God beyond measure, and in all things you are not alone. Did you think that God would have put you on this earth without some form of divine support or help?

Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of trusting in your personal advisors – the saints in heaven who are appointed by God to guide and support us on our faith journey.

As we journey through life, we often face challenges and difficulties that can leave us feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. It is during these moments that we can turn to our personal advisors in heaven for guidance, comfort, and protection.

Navigating Life with the Help of Heaven’s Advisors

Many of us try to rely on our own understanding and abilities to make decisions. But as humans, we are prone to making mistakes and overlooking important details. That is why it is crucial to trust in God as your divine advisor. He sees the bigger picture and knows what is best for us.

When you trust in God and seek His guidance, you can be confident that He will lead you down the path that is right for you. He will provide for your needs and give you the strength and wisdom to face any challenges that come your way. So remember to turn to God for guidance and trust in His plan for your life.

The saints, who have completed their earthly journey and now reside in heaven, are appointed by God as our life advisors. They have a deep understanding of the struggles and hardships of life and can offer guidance, wisdom, and encouragement as we navigate through our own challenges.

Providing Coverage and Protection

In addition to serving as our life advisors, the saints also serve as our health advisors. They intercede on our behalf, offering their protection and coverage as we face physical and emotional struggles.

Just as we turn to a doctor for medical advice, we can turn to the saints for spiritual and emotional healing. Their intercession can bring peace, comfort, and healing to our hearts and minds, helping us to overcome the difficulties of life.

Seeking Out Advisorship from the Holy Spirit

As we trust in our personal advisors, the saints, we are brought closer to God. Their guidance, protection, and intercession can help us to grow in our faith and deepen our relationship with God.

Another important advisor that we have is the Holy Spirit. He is always with us, ready to guide and direct us towards the right path. The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and understanding that we would not have on our own. So make it a habit to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and seek His guidance in all that you do.

When seeking out advisorship from the Holy Spirit, it is important to have an open and receptive heart. Take time to quiet your mind and listen for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. You may find it helpful to pray and ask for guidance before making important decisions or facing challenges in your life. It is also important to remember that the Holy Spirit is always with you, and you can ask for guidance at any time.

Seek First His Kingdom and Righteousness

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus reminds us to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be the light of the world. This means sharing the love and guidance that we have received with others. When you share your experiences and the wisdom that you have gained, you become an advisor and a source of hope for those around you.

When you have gone through difficult times and come out victorious, it is your duty to help others who are going through the same struggles. By sharing your experiences and the guidance you received from your heavenly advisors, you can help others find hope and strength in their own difficult moments.

Remember that no matter how small your contribution may seem, God values all that come to him in good faith. So do not be afraid to share your experiences and offer guidance to those who are seeking it. You never know the difference you might make in someone’s life through the words of encouragement and hope that you share.

Let Us Pray

"Dear God, I thank you for providing me with heavenly advisors to guide me on my journey. Please help me to trust in their wisdom and guidance, knowing that they are given to me by your grace. May I always turn to you and the Holy Spirit for advisorship, and may I have the strength to follow your will for my life. Please continue to bless me with the gift of wise and faithful advisors. May we always seek God's kingdom first and find peace and assurance in their guidance."

St. Benedict, pray for us. Amen 🙏
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