St. John – Your Spiritual Currents

Without the presence of God and his intervention in our lives, it can be difficult to navigate the currents of life. Although we often tend to lead life as though it is a routine, the reality is that our existence is entirely dependent on God.

Saint John is coming to us today to reveal to us that it is time to let the spiritual currents flow through us as we exalt God.

Reviving Our Spiritual Electricity

When we exclude Christ and fail to recognize his impact in our lives we become like a deserted city in the dark night devoid of electricity. Without the Holy Spirit, we are likely to get lost and be left wandering like sheep without a shepherd.

Those without the Holy Spirit lack a sense of direction and clarity of purpose. In the bible, as Jesus ascended into heaven he promised his disciples that he would not leave them as orphans but send the Holy Spirit unto them. True to his promise, the disciples received the Holy Spirit who was their Spiritual electricity. We are reminded that the good thing is that we can all be filled with the Holy Spirit as long as we welcome him into our lives.

Saint John is informing us today that the Holy Spirit is the electricity that God produces to guide us in our daily lives. Whenever we feel lost, the Holy Spirit lights up our paths and shows us the way to follow. Perhaps you are wondering; How can I revive my spiritual electricity? Below are some tips that Saint John is reminding us of;

  • Leading a righteous life – Although our human nature makes us prone to sin, we are challenged to seek to lead a life that pleases God by focusing on pleasing the spirit and denying the flesh
  • Using our gifts to serve God – Each one of us has been blessed with different talents and abilities. For the Holy Spirit to work in us, we need to take up the initiative to use our abilities and talents for the glory of God.

We ought to thank God always for the gift of the Holy Spirit who is our spiritual electricity. We are reminded that any sin may be forgiven except the sin against the Holy Spirit hence we are challenged to take up the responsibility of seeking him. 

Allow God to Use You

As Christians and children of God, we are called upon to be conductors of the spiritual currents by allowing him to use us. One of the reasons why God created us was so that he would use us as his vessels to carry out his will. While the devil may try to deceive us into being insulators and hardening our hearts so that we may go against the will of God, Saint John is revealing unto us that God desires that he may use us for his glory and revelation of his works. 

In the bible, God called prophets so that he would use them as conductors of his spiritual currents. Some were hesitant to respond to the call but he insisted. For example; Jeremiah gave an excuse that he was too young to be a prophet, while Moses argued that he was a stammerer and hence would not be able to face the powerful Pharaoh. Regardless of their excuses, God still chose them as prophets.

Just like them, most of the time we tend to give lame excuses as to why we cannot be conductors of spiritual currents, and other times we feel unworthy. Saint John is revealing to us that God qualifies the unqualified hence he is calling us to be conductors of spiritual currents and it is our responsibility to accept the call and make the world a better place.

Charging Our Souls

Imagine that you needed to do some business with your electronic gadget and it suddenly runs out of power. What is the most urgent thing to do? -Of course, it is to connect your device to the socket and charge it. By connecting to the charger, your once-dead battery will come to life and you can proceed to conduct your business with no worry.

A question is posed to us today; When we feel spiritually dead, what is the most urgent thing we do? Most of us tend to indulge in alcohol and drugs as a distraction and escape route while others lose themselves to depression. 

Saint John is challenging us to always run unto Christ anytime we feel our spiritual battery power declining for God is the power source in charge of all power in and beyond the universe. We are most vulnerable when running out of charge and the devil seeks to use that opportunity so that he may deceive us into being conductors of evil currents since he is aware that we are in our moments of weakness.  When we are quick to connect our souls to charge, we are assured that we have the protection of God and his sufficient grace.

Prayer to Saint John

“Dear Saint John, I thank you for revealing to me the mysteries of the spiritual currents.

I beseech thee to intercede for me that my spiritual electricity may be revived and that God may use me for the glory of his name.

Fill my life with the energy that flows from Heaven.

And help me navigate the paths in life that may seem challenging.

In God’s name I pray.

St. John, pray for us.


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