St. Isidore – Thriving in a Digital World

We are all trying to flourish in different fields of work, and with the dynamic world, the digital world is not an exemption. Some have managed to thrive in the digital world by utilizing the internet to market their products and businesses.

Saint Isidore, the patron saint of technology, is here today to pass us a message that we should also aim to promote the word of God to those who do not know of him for us to thrive in our lives. He tells us that we need not fear new technologies even though they seem intimidating & confusing at first, God will provide us with the blessings that we need to thrive in the physical, spiritual and digital realms.

A Tool To Market God’s Love

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and so many new social apps springing out by the day may seem daunting. But so many have used it to spread messages of hope and love in the Lord.

Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us and many where forced to practice social distancing, more and more people took to digital media to connect with others. This also presents an amazing opportunity for us as Christians to connect with one another.

This website was actually started during the covid outbreak to help the faithful keep in touch with daily prayers and devotional messages to grow closer to God, from the comfort of your home!

In a world full of people that have never experienced God’s teachings, St. Isidore calls us to find innovative new ways to reach out to them and to spread the love that we enjoy as Christians to those around us.

Today is a calling to you to take the first step in the right direction and start something you’ve always wanted to do! It could be as simple as creating a YouTube channel, or a starting a blog or podcast and sharing your God given talents and voice to the world. Your opinions matter and the onus is on you to see it through, no more procrastinating!

Ways to Use Digital Medium to Promote Christ

Saint Isidore is revealing to us some of the ways how we can promote the word of God:

  • Social Media Outreach – most of us have social media accounts that we use to connect with others and browse for engaging content. Instead of spending too much time watching things that don’t matter, let us be the voice for those in need.
  • Start a Website/Blog – This is also a great way to reach people. You can document snippets of your life in a blog or post about things that you are passionate about. It doesn’t have to be something teaching about Christianity per say, as long as you have good intentions and are willing to spread positive vibes.
  • Post Videos on Youtube – As the second largest search engine in the world, the potential for Youtube is vast. If you’ve always wanted to start a channel or simply post your thoughts on various topics and help others learn about the ways of Christ, this is a great time to start
  • Online Mass & Prayers – the pandemic shouldn’t stop us from attending mass and being connected to God! There are various Catholic churches that offer masses online for those who are not able to attend physically
  • Join our online prayer community – If all of these are not your cup of tea you can do something else that you like or simply continue participating in our daily prayers and emails – it would help with our mission to connect people from all over the world connect together as one body of Christ!

With the help of Saint Isidore, we are capable of promoting the word of God and attracting blessings in our life. It will also help to leverage on technology to allow others to experience the word of God. We shall receive assistance from the Saint who intercedes on our behalf for wisdom and courage as long as we remain steadfast in faith.

God Will Flourish Your Life 

God is interested in seeing you live a successful life, and so he will offer anything you wish according to his will. For him to fulfill this, please him by following his commands and assurance of his abundant provision to you.

Just like how the internet is something that we can’t see or touch but we know it’s there, God’s spirit is always alive and breathing in us. He will ensure that we shall not suffer from any inadequacies in life by providing us with more than we thought we needed. Those dependent on God’s guidance and strength have the surety of triumphing in any field of work they decide to engage in.

Whilst we can use digital platforms as a tool, we should not be too caught up in digital achievements or rate our self-worth based on social validation, less it distract us from our main mission. We are called to be masters of technology, and not be heavily influenced by it for the wrong purposes.

You attract immense blessings and gifts towards you. Saint Isidore wants you to know that when God showers his blessings upon you, you will thrive in everything you set your hands on without suffering. Allow God to live in you, and you will never have to undergo any hardships on your own. Make petitions to him from time to time requesting his presence and aid in your works and as you lead through life. 

Prayer to Saint Isidore

“Dear Saint Isidore, I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge of how I can thrive in my life in God.

Help me keep my faith in him at all times and share it with others by promoting his word to those who do not believe in Him.

Allow to master digital mediums but not be enslaved by them.

Protect me and my family from the devil’s temptations on the internet.

Shelter us from online falsehoods and questionable content that seek to mislead people from the Lord.

But instead strengthen my faith in the Lord and help me to evangelize people with my talents.

Always remind me that I cannot do this life on my own when I start depending on my strength.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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