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In today’s devotional, St. Raphael wants you to know that the path to recovery is close at hand. If you have been feeling hurt, wronged or bitter about anything in your life, today is a call to place your faith in the Lord and begin the process of healing and recovery.

The Painful Truth For Recovery

The path to recovery is not a smooth one yet by the grace of God it is made easier. In the bible, the book of 2nd Kings 5, we get to read about the healing of Naaman. Despite being a commander of the army and a valiant warrior, he was suffering from Leprosy. After getting information from his wife’s servant girl that he would be healed by a prophet in Israel, Naaman moved to Elisha’s home. However, Elisha sent a message to Naaman that he should go and wash seven times in the River Jordan.

Can you imagine such a powerful person like Naaman being instructed to wash in a river that was known to be dirty?  Naaman was angry and left in rage for he had hoped that Elisha would put his hand on his head and call upon the Lord to heal him. It was only after his servants convinced him that he went to wash in the river and miraculously his flesh was restored.

Saint Raphael is revealing to us that the journey to recovery is not easy for we tend to be like Naaman. We try to avoid using the longer route and we are constantly seeking alternatives. God may be seeking to grant us recovery yet we doubt his ways.

Perhaps we have been closing ourselves off to opportunities that the Lord has put in our path because we are stuck in the old ways of thinking. Remember that your divine creator is always sending aides to guide you to the right path. God does not like it when we suffer, He will always make a way.

We are challenged to be humble enough for it is in humility that we will be able to recognize the blessings that God has kept in store for us. However, we are assured that God will grant us the strength and grace to overcome and heal.

Purge Illnesses of The Soul

The world has evolved at a high rate and things keep on changing on a daily basis. With technological advancements, we are in an era where there are fewer physical interactions and more virtual relations. It is no longer a wonder to hear stories of people who met and dated online and interestingly enough, some of those relationships resulted in marriage.

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries were placed under lockdown and even churches were closed. Thanks to technology, churches were able to operate and continue with their ministry virtually. While there are numerous pros in regard to technology, the reality is that most of us have become spiritually ill. 

Saint Raphael is appealing to us to establish a connection with God so that we are protected from illnesses that we may contract from this spiritually contaminated world. While we are often glued to our phones trying to catch up with our friends, we are challenged to be glued to our knees catching up with God through prayer.

Instead of being addicted to social media apps, we should be addicted to the word of God for it is only by doing so that we can recover fully. Make a resolution to spend more time with God for he is the only one who can help you recover from all your spiritual illnesses as well as protect you from attacks. 

Accepting Responsibilities

For one to excel in the journey of recovery, they must first admit that they are sick and then make up their minds to seek help. If a patient fails to admit that they are sick, they will not seek medical help thus they are prone to losing their life. The path to spiritual recovery begins when one identifies that they are sinners and sin has crippled their spiritual life. After realizing that one required urgent spiritual attention, they have to make up their mind to seek it to ensure that they recover.

Saint Raphael is revealing that anyone who seeks recovery must first take responsibility for their actions. Like the prodigal son in the bible who squandered his inheritance, we ought to own up to our mistakes. If we fail to take up the responsibility, we cannot receive treatment hence we shall remain ill, and eventually, we may experience spiritual death. When the prodigal son accepted his mistake, he made up his mind to go back to his father’s house even if he would not be accepted as a son at least he would be a servant. In a similar manner, we are challenged to own up to our mistakes before we repent to God so that we are able to repent fully and he will surely forgive us and restore our spiritual health. 

Prayer To Saint Raphael

“Dear Saint Raphael, I thank you for your spiritual healing in my life.

I pray that you may intercede for me so that I may obtain favor in the eyes of God so that he may protect me from contracting any spiritual illness.

I know that I am the catalyst to my own physical, mental and spiritual recovery.

I have the power to make a positive impact on the world.

May I have the grace to stay away from the near occasions of sin.”

St. Raphael, pray for us.

🙏 Amen 🙏

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