St. Francis de Sales – The Gentleman Saint

Education is the foundation of all the faithful. Today St. Francis de Sales has appeared with an important message for you.

Faithfulness to God’s work through missions, witnessing, soul-winning, sacrificing time, talent, and finances are one of the aspects of Christian responsibility.

Whilst people are drawn to popularity and accomplishments, the devout are drawn to service and the betterment of humanity. Even with seemingly large feats, no triumph is meaningful for the spirit if it is done in the absence of the Lord.

Spreading God’s Light to the World

St. Francis de Sales was a bishop who was in charge of the diocese of Geneva. He was also a doctor of the church where his writings and teachings were considered both true and timeless in Roman Catholic theology.

Jesuit Colleges and Universities have teachers, scholars, masters, doctors, administrators, and counselors that strived to build personal, trusting relationships to their students.

They took time to learn their students’ backgrounds, strengths, limitations, and dreams. Thus, it allowed them to teach according to the students’ particular needs and gifts.

As a graduate of the Jesuit College of Clermont, he was commissioned to provide education and ministry, especially to marginalized people. As he was grounded in his love and service for God, he instructed the people who asked him for advice to seek the Lord in all things.

He was known as “The Gentleman Saint” for his deep faith and gentle approach against Calvinism which is the reformation of the church. Shortly, after his ordination to the catholic priesthood, He then began his dangerous work in the Chablais region and reintroduced the Catholic religion amid the Protestant reformation.

Jane Frances de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales met and built a spiritual friendship where he became her spiritual guide. The two became the founders of the Visitation of Holy Mary (the Visitation of Nuns). He remained as the spiritual advisor for the sisters and was grateful for the wisdom he gained from these women of God.

St. Francis de Sales was also known as the patron saint of adult education, the deaf, and the journalists. Because of his outpouring compassion, he even developed a method of sign language to teach catechism to a young deaf person.

He was appreciably noted as a reputable writer, scholar, preacher, and debater in the Catholic faith. He built his reputation through writing and teaching by becoming a prolific writer where he wrote instructions and preached those sermons.

Two of his books were undeniably remarkable. One of which is The Introduction to the Devout Life where he advised holiness is possible to every Christian.

Seek God In All Achievements

St. Francis was convinced that God wasn’t distant, but a teacher personally involved and similarly developed this strategy. Regardless of an individual’s personality, age, knowledge, skills, or whatever field they choose, they just have to stay grounded in seeking God in all things.

We too should strive to build close relationship with God through prayer, valuing His sacraments, improving our character to be more Christ-like.

It is not inevitable to flaunt qualifications, achievements, and backgrounds to define worth. These are accomplishments that provide happiness but would eventually pass away. It is vanity. It feels like chasing after the wind while feeling that void that nothing could fill in.

Yes. God intended for you to work and charged you as a steward of His creation. As you immerse yourself in academics or the application of it, never veer yourself away from Him. Keep in mind, not what you only learn or study but for whom you are doing it.

God decides your vocation. You may not be called to be a priest or a pastor, a teacher or a master, but you were called to study His Word and serve Him in your specific career.

Proclaim His good news of salvation. He blessed you with unique gifts, so whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales:

Most loving St. Francis de Sales, I rejoice exceedingly for the commitment you demonstrated for the salvation of the Catholic people. I thank God for the grace He has given you in pursuing your vocation in writing and teaching the Word of God. I desire to be as holy as you and follow your example to seek God in every area of my life. Pray for me St. Francis de Sales that I may receive the same heart to also teach the gospel of God in whatever field I choose. Through your intercession, I believe God will prepare the way and equip me with His wisdom. It is my privilege and responsibility to instruct what the Bible states about our God. Amen.

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