St. Mark – Making Space for Love

There are many times that God purposes to bless us yet when he is about to do so, he finds that we have exhausted all storage and left no space for him in our lives. Sometimes we fill our hearts with too much hatred that there is no space for love thus Christ cannot come in.

God is certainly love and he cannot dwell in a place that has no love, thus when we make space for love, we make space for God too. For him to dwell in us, we need to empty the garbage hatred and bitterness into the trashcan permanently.

Just as a bottle filled with water cannot be refilled until some is emptied, Saint Mark is informing us today that we need to empty ourselves and make storage space in our hearts for God. 

Increase Your Prayer Capacity

The enemy does not slumber and is always working hard day and night to distract us from our purpose in life and take us away from the glory of God. The devil is well aware of the privileges that we have by virtue of being children of God hence he wastes no chance to ensure we get convinced and move towards his direction.

If we are not careful and if we do not hide ourselves under the wing of God, our father, and seek the guidance of the holy spirit, he may deceive us and we would be subjected to eternal condemnation. 

Saint Mark, the evangelist, is revealing to us that the secret to deplete any storage for the devil in our lives is by increasing our prayer capacity. Whenever we are praying, we invoke the power of the holy spirit who descends upon us and fills the void in our hearts. It is also during the moments of prayer that we call upon the angels to engulf us so that the devil may not get through to us.

We are thus called upon to adapt prayer as a lifestyle and thus enjoy the protection of God and the benefits that come with having the holy spirit direct us in all our actions.

Store God’s Teaching Close To You

In Psalm 119:11, God tells us to hide His word in our hearts so that we shall be strengthened against the allure of sin and remain steadfast to our calling. Whenever we store God’s teachings close to us, we are conscious of our decisions and thus able to identify the obstacles on our path. God’s teachings cast light upon our way thus we gain the clarity of purpose and we do not divert or abort our mission on earth. 

The Evangelist is appealing to you to store God’s teachings in your heart for it is there that your actions towards the right direction will be guided. The teachings will direct you on the path to take whenever life pushes you into a dilemma and you have no idea of where to go.

As a child of God, it is his desire that you may serve him for all the days of your life and later on live with him in eternity. This is only achievable if we obey him and store his teachings close to us. Like obedient children, we are called upon to hide his teachings in our hearts so that we may depart from sin.

Make Room for More Data

Christ is the visitor always knocking at our doors and waiting for us to hear the knock and respond. Unfortunately, most of the time we are too engaged with our busy daily chores that we do not hear the knock. Even when he is calling out to us to answer the door, we do not hear his voice thus we never let him in our lives.

Saint Mark is telling us to keep calm, move away from the noise in our lives and incline our ears towards the door for we shall hear a knock and the faint voice of Christ calling out to us. He has the desire that we may open the door, let him in and create room for him.

This is possible by eliminating the toxic garbage of sin from our lives and cleaning our homes by repenting our sins. Once our homes are clean and free from garbage there will be enough room for Christ to reside eternally. By having him in our homes, we are assured that no thief or trespasser can come inside for Christ is the ultimate protector and the king.

Prayer To Saint Mark for Intercession

“Dear Saint Mark the evangelist, thank you for coming to me today and letting me realize that I need to empty the unwanted burdens in my life and create more storage for God.

Help me recognize the voice of Christ who is calling out to me to let him in.

Allow me to prioritize the things that matter the most instead of wasting my time chasing the wrong ideals.

Show me the way to God, and give me the dedication to follow it through.

May I fill my heart with love enough to accommodate God and other people.”

Amen 🙏

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