St. Gabriel – Making Calls to Your Helpers

When we are stranded, it can be difficult to seek help especially if we have been disappointed in the past. Most of us opt to face challenges in silence even when it slowly consumes us.

For others, we do not want to lose face for we believe that seeking help makes us vulnerable and we are embarrassed to do so. 

Saint Gabriel has been sent to us today to bring us good news. He is revealing to us that the heavens are always watching over us and we need not worry during our difficult moments, for we can call our helpers and they will come to our aid.

Just as simply as we can reach out friends and closed ones with the power technology today, God also makes himself accessible to us if we know as long as we maintain a strong divine connection.

Preparing for a Conference Call

The spread of Covid-19 jumpstarted the adoption of technology as more and more people adapted to working through online channels. Conference calls became the norm for many workplaces where people from different countries and timezones could connect with a click of the button.

Connecting with our heavenly guides can also be simple and effective, all we need is a little planning in advance.

Write your intentions down and be fully aware of your agenda during the call. This is so that we have a clearer picture of what we need and can be specific in you ask.

Saint Gabriel is reminding us that we need to be certain of what we want before seeking it. To avoid blabbering during the call, we should have a schedule on how we will make our presentation.

Find a good quiet place where you can be alone with distractions before calling upon God in prayer.

We are also reminded that even though our main intention is to seek help, we should always start the call by thanking the attendees for taking their time to attend. This not only reveals our gratitude but it gives the heavens an opportunity to look deeper into our hearts and have a glimpse of our appreciation to God.

When to Dial the Call

Whenever we are in trouble, most times we tend to call our best friends hoping that they will rescue us. In moments of joy, we also turn to them to share the good news.

In them we find comfort and joy which is essential for our lives here on earth. Happy is the person who has a friend they can rely on in all seasons of their lives.

We can call upon God for a multitude of reasons:

  • Every morning before we start the day
  • When we feeling troubled or worried
  • When we are in urgent need of aid
  • To give thanks for achievements
  • To ask for guidance and grow spiritually
  • Before we go to sleep in the evening

The truth is that we are connected to God at every point in time of the day, but to truly achieve effective communication we need to set out time every day and to give Him our full focus.

A Friend You Can Call On At Any Time

Saint Gabriel is revealing to us that we have a friend who would give up anything just for us. We are precious in his eyes and even when we feel worthless, he is always ready to hold our hands. Whenever we fall down, he stretches out his hand so that we may hold onto him and get onto our feet.

Most of the time, we fail to recognize the love that he has for us and we seek comfort in the arms of those we think care for us yet they may be deceiving us. He is always waiting for our calls or messages yet we do not reach out to him. When we are facing trouble, he looks forward to us asking for help but instead we fail to contact him.

This friend is none other but God. He is the one who created us thus he knows all we need and it is at his disposal. Although we cannot see him physically, he assures us that he is around us and his presence never leaves us.

Just like we call our friends anytime we need to open our hearts, let us call him and establish a strong relationship with him. He has promised to be there for us in all circumstances and his line is always on thus he can never miss our call whenever we dial and reach out to him in prayer.

Prayer to Saint Gabriel

“Dear Patron Saint of broadcasting and telecommunications, thank you for being a great messenger and delivering the good news to me.

I pray that you may intercede for me that I may be able to invite Christ into my life and make him my best friend.

Always remind me that whenever I feel lonely, I should have the confidence that I am not alone for he is always by my side.”

Amen 🙏

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