St. Peter – Trust Your Heavenly Advisors

The heavenly court is composed of angels and saints who are our attorneys as they present our grievances before God who is the just judge. Most of the time we tend to be impatient because we have been praying for something yet we have received no response and thus we lack trust in our attorneys.

This is discouraging since a person who hires an attorney in court to represent them ought to put their worry and doubts aside and trust that the attorney will represent them in their best capacity hoping that the judge will rule in their favor. 

Today God’s apostle and the father of the Church, Saint Peter, is coming to you to let you know that you need to relax and trust your heavenly advisors. You worry unnecessarily yet your attorneys are fighting your cases. Why do you worry yet you have granted the angels and saints your power of attorney?

Have some faith and let them take charge in the battles you face as victory will be assured for those who trust in Christ. 

St. Michael – Your Life Protection

Your heavenly advisors are appealing to you to trust Saint Michael for the protection of your life for he is the greatest warrior who has fought with the devil and emerged victorious.

Are you feeling as if the world is unfair to you? Do you feel threatened by enemies or the evil forces of the world? If yes, you need to know that you are not alone in this. In this world, we are constantly facing spiritual attacks from the evil one thus we always need to be on guard so that he does not attack us in the moment we least expect. 

Most times we feel as if we are in great danger and we face attacks from our enemies who seem to be on the winning end. Our heavenly advisors are assuring us that in the heavenly court, we have saint Michael who is the senior attorney in charge of life protection and whenever we trust in him, he will protect us from any spiritual harm. 

Make it a habit to always utter this common prayer to Saint Michael,

“Dear saint Michael, the archangel, defend me on the day of battle. Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, I humbly pray and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all evil spirits who wander around the world seeking the destruction of souls.”

St. Martin De Porres – Your Attorney For Justice

When we live a life we consider righteous and fail to receive blessings yet we see the people who do evil receiving blessings, we often feel as if God is unfair to us. Most times we wonder why God lets the wicked prosper and the just suffer and we question the authenticity of the courts of heaven.

Dear child, when you feel as if injustice has been done to you consult St. Martin De Porres who is your attorney for justice. Injustice can happen to anyone whether deliberately or accidentally hence inform your attorney and let him handle your case.

When he appears in the court of heaven and presents your case, be assured that substantial evidence will be presented before the judge who will definitely rule in your favor. To win the case, your heavenly advisors are appealing to you to have faith in God as this will strengthen and increase your chances of winning the case. 

St. Eligius – Personal Financial Advisor

We often make many financial mistakes that cost us heavily when we do not have financial advisors. Saint Eligius has been provided to us by the heavens to be our personal financial advisor thus we can call unto him to act as our attorney whenever we are trapped in a financial dilemma. 

While God has placed us in the universe and invested in us so that we can make better use of his creation and generate more, sometimes we lack the knowledge to utilize the resources he has given us. Bearing in mind that our life on earth is limited, we are advised to call upon saint Eligius and let him offer us consultancy for at the end of our life we are required to give an account of what we did. 

heavenly advisors

A Prayer for Heavenly Guidance

“Dear Saint Peter, I want to thank you today for appealing to me to trust my heavenly advisors.

You have re-assured me that God has put in place a strong system that I can rely on.

In all areas of my life, I will trust in my heavenly advisors and the promises of God.

I surrender myself to the grace and divine power of Christ.

Protect me from the temptations of the devil.

Guard me from all physical

Guide me when I feel lost.

Shelter me from the storms that come inevitably.

And strengthen me when I seek to do the works of Christ.

For your love and grace are enough for me.

To all my beloved advisors who serve the Lord faithfully,

Pray for us and watch over us in our daily endeavours.”

Amen 🙏

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