Saint Lucy – Patron Saint Of The Blind

Our Lady is sending to you the patron saint of the blind to let you know that God has not abandoned you or hid His presence for you. When you feel like you are growing distant from him, Saint Lucy is here to put you up on the conference call with the heavens so that you can feel spiritually connected once more.

Setting Up A Virtual Room In Advance

Answering a conference call in a public space can be disturbing due to the background noise and interruptions from other people.

It also provides a risk of leaving the virtual room to attend to issues that arise and require our attention. Whenever we are praying, we need to be in a quiet place so that our prayers are not interrupted.

Saint Lucy is urging you to look for a suitable place free from distraction before she connects you to the conference call. She is reminding you that this is an important call and if you are not prepared well you will be losing a golden opportunity. As you worry yourself about the environment, you are also called upon to make necessary preparations to ensure the call is smooth.

Some of the preparations you need to make are; Confessing your sins to ensure your heart is clean and suitable for hosting God and writing down your petitions so that your presentation has a flow during the call.

If you do not rehearse for the presentation, you may forget important points as well as stammer throughout the call. It is important to note that many people are waiting to be put up on a conference call with God, hence prepare enough so that you do not waste time and lose the opportunity.

If you feel uncertain about the preparation, seek the intervention of St. Lucy and she will help you through.

Scheduling Your Conference Call

Based on our human nature and the rat race in life it is very easy to forget that we have a conference call at a certain time.

To avoid missing this opportunity, we need to schedule the conference call in our calendars and set it to remind us some minutes prior. This ensures that we book that time for the conference call and avoid scheduling other activities at that specific time.

Saint Lucy is challenging you to set up a specific time to pray in your daily schedule. If you set it to be early in the morning, stick to that time and do not let any other activity replace the prayer time.

Many times we get so busy living life that we lack time for God. We are always giving excuses that we are busy and have no time yet God is the giver of time and He controls the universe. We are called upon to spare time and schedule time for our heavenly conference call to God.

Saint Lucy promises you that she is always ready to connect you through the conference call at any time you schedule.

Sending An Invite To Your Loved Ones

In the Gospel of John 1: 43-51; Jesus finds Philip on Galilee and calls him to be His disciple. Philip finds Nathaniel and informs him that they had found Jesus son of Joseph of Nazareth whom Moses and the prophets had written about. Nathaniel is shocked and asks if there is anything good that can come from Nazareth. Philips calls him to see Jesus. Nathaniel recognizes Jesus as the son of God and the King of Israel and becomes His disciple too. Jesus promised him that he would see many greater things including the angels of God ascending and descending on the son of man.

When we have an opportunity to connect with God we are called upon to be selfless like Philip.

Instead of getting proud that we are getting connected through a conference call, we should use the opportunity to extend the invitation to other people. Our faith may grant us the chance to be put up on the call, yet there are others who have no idea or any knowledge of the caller.

This is the best opportunity to introduce them to our caller. Saint Lucy is challenging you to extend the invitation to your friends and family and grant them the opportunity to know God.

Where two or more gather to pray, God is always in their midst hence you are challenged to invite others for a fellowship and to usher the presence of God from the heavens.

Prayer To Saint Lucy

“Dear patron saint of the blind, I appeal to you today to cure my spiritual blindness so that I may open my eyes to the truth of God. I beseech thee to open for me a conference call with my heavenly guardians so that I may better my relationship with God. Grant me the grace to be selfless enough to extend the invitation and share the link with others so that they may also enjoy spiritual guidance and receive blessings. Amen.”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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