Archangel Gabriel – Graduating From The School Of God

Sent to you today is the great messenger, Archangel Gabriel, to remind you to recharge yourself and move forward with determination for you to attain your goals. Whenever you feel like giving up on the things you started, Archangel Gabriel is here to guide you through. Take your time to listen and choose to push further ahead.

A Doctorate In Courage

In the book of Timothy Chapter 2, we are assured that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given us the spirit of power, of sound mind, and of love.  Archangel Gabriel understands that when times are tough, we often tend to question whether to continue or not. He understands that sometimes we work so hard but cannot see the profits, and we feel like we are working in vain.

Archangel Gabriel wants to challenge us to look into ourselves again and remember the fierceness we possess. He reminds us not to be timid but push harder and not allow the obstacles that the world brings to us to dim our light. Your guardian angel is challenging you to be courageous and find purpose in the things you do because you are here with a great mission to accomplish.

An MBA In Leadership

In the Institution of God, we are heirs to the kingdom business. When learning how to administer a business, we have to allow teamwork and leadership. Gabriel understands our need to be likable when we are leading others. However, when we acknowledge the efforts of those around us, we will not only be likable but also respected.

We are reminded not to undermine anyone because of their status since everyone likes to be appreciated. When we appreciate their work, we make them work harder because they feel noticed and seen, just like we will have a sense of pride and be motivated to do better when our leadership is accepted. Whenever you are leading others, your guardian angel promises to be your greatest source of strength.

A Bachelor’s In Asking Questions

In this school of God, there is so much we do not know yet which makes us feel lost sometimes. When faced with circumstances we are not familiar with, we ought to ask questions since they will help us understand better the decisions to make.

In the bible, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for always walking with their robes and acting as if they were superior to the rest. They thought they knew everything but Jesus assured them that there were great and hidden things that they never knew yet. We have to continuously keep learning to be successful in the school of God.

Your guardian angel understands that sometimes the lessons in the school of God can be so difficult but pleads with you to be like a child and ask questions that bother you and be open to learning. Take charge and allow him to be your teacher so you can emerge a victorious student. 

Utilizing The Knowledge You Acquire

Although we may think that we learn things so that we can solely benefit from them, we are reminded that in the school of God, our knowledge should be utilized to benefit others too, and bring progress in the heavenly kingdom.

When we get trained, we automatically become trainers and we are mandated to bring others who are still in the dark to the light.  Upon graduating from the school of God we become ambassadors of His brand and we are challenged to recruit more people to His institution. Gabriel is challenging you today to utilize the knowledge you acquire from the school of God to be a blessing to others. 

Taking A Break 

Many times we focus on learning and growing our skills that we forget that rest is very important. Rest allows us to get some time and improve our spiritual walk with God because it gives us the time to reflect on our relationship as well as help us renew our focus and strength to face our challenges better. While in the school of life, we face challenges that can drain us if we over-exert ourselves.

Your guardian angel understands the pressure that comes from having to show results and advises you to allow yourself to unwind, alleviate stress, enjoy life, and get some peace. When did you last take a break?

Archangel Gabriel is letting you know that while time doesn’t stand still for anyone, you can still choose to redeem your time by enjoying the beautiful things life offers you. Rest assured in the protection of Archangel Gabriel, he will guide you through the paths that seem difficult to you. 

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