St. Ives – Our Advocate for Justice

It is easy to say that we believe and have faith, but is that true if in those times our faith is put to the test? Why do we question God instead of fighting the troubles on our knees through prayer? Indeed faith without action is dead so in those times you feel that life is unfair to you St. Ives is reminding you to pray for in God you shall find justice and everything will be made right for you. 

It is understandable as it is in our nature to backslide in faith in the difficult times but St. Ives assures us that we are not defeated hence we ought to stay strong in God as the storms shall pass. He is also urging you to take on the responsibility and duty of defending others in the face of injustices.

He is assuring you that you have the power to bring justice to those that are treated unfairly and unequally, he needs you to embrace and use that power for the wellness of others especially the poor as they have no power to defend themselves.

The Ultimate Judge

God is our ultimate judge. You may wonder why God is acknowledged as the ultimate judge. The legal profession of an earthly judge is limited in one way or the other. You may also wonder what is meant by this. Well, in a judicial court system, the judge relies on the word of the witnesses and the evidence provided before the court by the parties involved. This means that the possibility of passing unfair judgment and wrong ruling is possible as whatever the case involved did not happen in the presence of the judge and this may see an innocent person convicted. 

Unlike the earthly judge who is limited, God is everywhere and sees it all and therefore can never pass an unfair ruling and judgment. Whenever you feel that the things that are happening in your life are unfair, remember that the Lord sees it and will bring you the justice you so seek. He hears your cry and sees your suffering.

St. Ives is reminding you that though you feel that you are in the darkness, remember that you are the child of the Most High as he is not an unfair God and everything will be made right for you. He is urging you in those times you feel that life is not doing you any justice, stay strong in faith as God is supremely in control and shall eventually give you that which you deserve. When you feel that you have fallen so hard in the face of adversities, you can rely on Saint Ives to pick you up and help you by guiding and directing you in your life by faith despite the challenges. He assures you that with him by your side nothing has power over you as he shall help you to endure and persevere by interceding for you so you may be charged with strength and courage to push you through. 

A Non-biased Court of Law

The court system in heaven is corrupt free and is not biased in any way whatsoever compared to the earthly court system. God is an ideal and impartial judge as his character cannot be corrupted in any way that will affect how he passes his judgment compared to earthly judges. In the  heavenly court system of God, everyone will be judged fairly irrespective of your social status, age, and gender. 

Saint Ives is therefore appealing to us to live your life more responsibly, free from sin and one that pleases the Lord as one day we shall all be accountable for our sins in thoughts and in actions. In an earthly court of law, it is very easy for judgment to be manipulated through bribes but in the heaven court system each and every person shall receive fair judgment and rightful punishment. 

Some of us are too arrogant to live righteously and repent your sins as you have been blinded by your earthly achievements such as wealth that has made you believe that you are above everyone and the law, unluckily not above God’s law. He is reminding you that you shall leave the earth as you came into it, with nothing, so it is good to always humble before the Lord and others. 

Do not be fooled by earthly success as they are only temporary. Seek to make peace: repent, confess, and pray for the forgiveness of your sins before it is too late as you are not aware of the time and day you will be in the presence of God for judgment. That said he is reaching out to you so you may live righteously despite our age, gender, and social status for before God all are equal and you do not want and need the wrath and harsh punishment of the Most High to befall on you. Fear not for God loves you despite your sinful nature and is open to forgiving you. 

Use Prayer In Your Defense

When faced with legal problems, we seek the help of a legal professional to provide us with their legal expertise in our defense. People often feel safe and comfortable in the hands of their attorneys as they have faith that the attorneys will have them emerge as victors in their court battles. In those times you are faced with life challenges you feel weak, defeated, and have the desire to give up. In such times, it is very important to maintain a strong relationship with God as He shall grant you the strength and courage to overcome all that troubles you. 

Saint Ives is reminding you that in those times you feel that you are in constant attack from your enemies and life problems, have faith in prayers and use it in your defense and as your shield just as you have faith that attorneys shall secure victory for you in a court of law. Prayers are how you communicate your burdens to God and Saint Ives is guaranteeing you victory in prayers. In those times you feel too weak to pray, ask Saint Ives to intercede for you in your defense from troubles and you shall witness how God will turn your life around for the better.

Advocate For the Less Fortunate

In those times you feel that you are getting harsh and unfair treatment from the universe, you call unto the holy saints to intercede for you in your defense. You feel that you are undeserving of the suffering that has befallen you and desire to be free from it. You feel that you have no power to help yourself and pass that responsibility to the holy saints to act in your defense. The same way that you cry out for the holy saints to help you in the dark times, the same way you should help and advocate for the less fortunate in society. 

In the world we live in today, those that are less fortunate in the society are treated as ghosts where they are unseen and are treated differently. They have almost no support system and are mostly on their own with no one to champion their needs and defend them. 

Saint Ives is calling upon you to take up the responsibility to defend the rights and champion the needs of the poor in the society. He is asking you to utilize the power you have to hold the hands of the needy in the society and help them by easing their suffering in those ways that you can. Saint Ives is assuring you of his presence in your life to help and guide you as you help others. He assures you that you are chosen to serve God by serving others which shall secure you great rewards and blessings from God.

Prayer for Saint Ives’ Intercession

“Dear patron saint of love and justice, I thank you for always being present in my life and interceding for me in those times I feel weak.

I ask thee to grant me the strength and courage to overcome all my troubles in faith.

That I may have the ability and power to help and defend others as you do in my hour of need.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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