Archangel Jeremiel – Seeking Legal Counsel

The divine deliverer of mercy and grace, Archangel Jeremiel, is calling you out to stand strong in the face of predicament and await the swift transformation that is to come.

Whenever you feel beaten and bruised by life and you are ready to give up, Archangel Jeremiel insists that this is the time to gather all your resources to fight your battles. Allow him to guide you and follow the wise counsel he gives; he is here for you.

Look to Him For Counsel

Counsel is everywhere, but whom we decide to listen to dictates the turnout of events. We all like to hear good things, and it is easy to take up what sounds sweet to our ears, what doesn’t reprimand us, and what justifies what we are doing.

Archangel Jeremiel understands the need to be guided by God, for us to operate from a place of higher understanding. Which will help us be fair in our judgments without subjecting other people to hurt. Drawing nearer to God makes us tap into wisdom and understanding.

Your Guardian Angel is here to offer support to be the person to run to when you are stuck in dilemmas and when you don’t know which is the right path to take. Ask him to intercede for you, that justice, wisdom, and mercy may be your portion. He is calling you to take time and seek God because that is the secret place to tap good counsel.

You Need A Lawyer

Sometimes we feel that life is unfair especially when things keep going south for us. We might seek refuge but lack somebody to run to. We may want to be defended and represented, heard, and protected against unfairness but we have no lawyer.

Archangel Jeremiel is assuring you that you are never alone when fighting your battles even when you cannot see him. When you need a lawyer to help you battle your earthly cases, remember that he is there ready to help you whenever you seek his help. Beseech him, to represent you and while he does, let it open your mind to be stronger and to know how to stand up for someone else too.

Advocate Without Shame

We often let things go because we think we do not deserve them. When we commit mistakes we tend to become so hard on ourselves so much that it becomes harder to rise and try again. We might be led to thinking that we are too sinful to seek the forgiveness of God.

We are covered with shame and this hinders us from our advocacy work of preaching the gospel as christians. Today we are reminded that we are human beings, bound to make mistakes yet God loves us in our imperfection.

In the Bible, the book of 1st John calls to us as little children asking that we may not sin, and if we do, we should remember we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ.

Archangel Jeremiel insists that you should not hide when you fall but instead pick yourself up, and try again. It doesn’t mean you are any lesser or undeserving.  He insists that it is for reasons like this, that grace was handed out to you.

Dealing With The Pending Battles

We will always have pending battles as long as we are alive, but the simple fact that we are still here should motivate us that God is not yet done with us. It is a great joy to know that someone gives us breath each day to fulfill His purposes, even on days we feel frustrated and powerless.

It is a relief that we have an attorney who is always fighting our cases hence no need to worry about our pending battles. The book of Isaiah says that the thoughts of God are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. Let this be a reason for you to stop trying to figure everything out but let Him fight for us.

Your guardian angel pleads with you to allow your heart to trust in the purposes of God, and the fact that you have a higher purpose than you can imagine. Let the plans of God upon your life prevail. 

Prayer To Archangel Jeremiel

To pay benediction to archangel Jeremiel, you need a quiet place where you can look deeper into your life and think of the situations that he may come to your aid. Say the prayer below; 

“Oh Archangel Jeremiel, the divine deliverer of grace and mercy,  I call upon you to bring transformation to the painful and unjust situations in my life. I beseech you to make me an ambassador of justice to the injustice of the world and fill my heart with compassion. I ask thee to intercede for me that God may show me mercy and fill me with His Grace. Amen”

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