St. Luke – Creating Your Masterpiece

God spoke the words, and this world that we know was brought into existence.

Yet instead of simply speaking man into existence, God decided to take his time and create a masterpiece that was in his image and likeness. Just as an artist who carefully considers every stroke in to a finished art piece, He painted us in a beautiful and intimate fashion exactly as we were meant to be.

When our divine architect was done with His work, he looked upon us with pride and pronounced that it was good.

St. Luke wants you to know that whenever you feel depressed or inferior, remember the story of our creation and know that God the Father makes no mistakes. Your soul is a unique masterpiece with God’s stamp of approval and contains in it his divinity through the breathe of life.

But God isn’t finished with you even after your creation. What you choose to do in this life will decide the final outcome of His masterpiece. Every stroke, every smear or outline shall be seen in the canvas of our life.

Painting The Canvas

Do we treat life as a gift from God and make full use of our time every day? The funny thing about this life is that just as sure our beginning, our expiry dates are mysterious and unique to every individual.

In this time that you have, you have been bestowed with numerous talents and abilities that you have full control over to paint your life with. God is not a jealous creator, and because of His love for us He has given you the free will to decide if you want to draw closer to Him and share in his kingdom.

Saint Luke is revealing to us that God has presented life to us as a canvas and we are the painters. While we might easily be distracted by other people who often propose that we are not painting it in the right manner, we ought to understand that as artists of our lives, we have the final masterpiece in our brains.

To ensure the final masterpiece pleases our creator, we ought to establish a relationship with God for he is our designer and only he can guide us in the proper direction. Without his guidance, our final masterpiece will be nothing but a confusing set of drawings.

Making Bold Strokes

How will an artist deliver a masterpiece if he is afraid of making mistakes? The fear of failure inhibits us from moving forward and is something that we must learn to overcome. Without the risk of making mistakes, there can be no progress or growth.

Taking the first step in the right direction may seem difficult, but it only gets easier as it goes on. If you have goals that you want to achieve, trust in the providence of God and start doing it right away. Simple steps every day eventually adds up.

As Christians we are called to take action and make bold strokes in our lives. To stand out from the crowd because we have been inspired by God’s teachings and grace.

St. Luke is calling upon us Christians to set aside our fear of failure and to make calculated decisions whilst placing our faith in God. There is no canvas that is too disfigured to be saved. Even if we make mistakes, there will always be way back to the right path.

In a world that’s so easily corrupted by evil and sin, we are challenged to be different. Use the brushes of prayer and colors of faith to remain connected to God as we chart our path in life.

Draw Divine Inspiration

Sometimes when we are painting our canvas, we tend to lack inspiration, and other times we feel abandoned. Oftentimes when this happens, we may be tempted to put down the brushes and give up on the dream to create a masterpiece. We are being reminded that we are never alone even in instances where we feel lonely because God is always with us and he will never leave us.

Saint Luke is assuring us that we can always draw divine inspiration from God as he is the superior artist and everything he creates is a masterpiece. We should let God fight our battles in life and surrender all our worries to him because he is the artist of our life and the source of divine inspiration.

Instead of complaining over our situations in life, we should seek divine inspiration through prayer and hence let God be the artist of our lives by accepting that we anything of substance cannot come about unless it is inspired by the Lord.

Prayer To Saint Luke

“Dear Saint Luke, I thank you for helping me realize that I have been given the gift of life.

Guide my hands as I paint the canvas of my life.

I thank God for giving me full reign to complete His masterpiece.

I will be bold and make big strokes that are pleasing to the Lord.

I pray that I may utilize my time on earth appropriately and in the end, I may partake in the kingdom of God.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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