St. Camillus de Lellis – Making Settlements

Life is not always a smooth ride, and the reality is that we all have experienced inadequacy at times having to rely on different forms of loans. Just as how we commit to settling debts that we owe others, God will settle us from the sufferings and hardships we have experienced in life.

Saint Camillus is here to remind us that time is coming for God to settle us, where he will reward us with all that he has promised and release all the pending blessings upon us. It will mark the end of the suffering, hardships, delays, and disappointments we encounter throughout life. She reveals that the power of the Lord will triumph over any adversity that we face.

Claiming From the Lord 

You might be complaining about how you are undergoing challenges in life, but amazingly, when God settles you, you will realize that there is no everlasting problem. Since God is not happy when he sees us suffer, he will make sure to repay us with something nice. One of the ways that he will settle us is by fulfilling his promises to us. He made promises which we ought to claim. For instance, we all have an unfulfilled purpose in life which is why we are still alive. 

Saint Camillus is here today to pass us a message that as much as we want him to settle us, we should first ask for forgiveness from God and then make claims from him. He promised to reveal our purpose in life that he designed for us even before we were born. Claiming from our fellow beings is not like the Lord’s. God is a man of his word and has promised that his promises will surely pass in his time. 

Our debts of sins got settled when Christ died on the cross, hence we should be assured of the fulfilment of any claim that we make to the Lord through Christ’s name. This calls for us to accept Christ to come and reside in our hearts and take charge of our lives.

Sharing in the everlasting abundance of the Lord is no easy feat, but we must strive to reach every day. Do not tremble when you are undergo suffering or difficult circumstances, for you are being prepared to receive a settlement that is meant to transform your life. 

Structure Your Life in Christ 

The way we structure our lives, who and what we assemble as part of us, depicts the outcomes we experience in our lives. As much as God wants to settle you off your sufferings and delays in life, if you have put the evil in control of your lives, instead, he will settle you with the punishment fit for you.

Saint Camillus wants us to structure our lives in ways that seek to glorify the name of God. He will intercede for us to ensure that we receive proper settlements for the sacrifices that we have made in this life.

Understand that our Lord will allow us to face anything that is too hard for us to handle. And He has promised to be with us every step of the way, filling us with His blessings and grace.

Make it a habit of doing daily thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for all the blessings he has given to you. God will settle all who accept His salvation and allow them to taste the rewards of their patience and faithfulness to him. 

To Be Settled Reconcile With God

Just as there is a process followed for a business settlement, God is ready to negotiate and forgive our sins so that we can be settled when the time comes. He only has one condition – that we repent and turn to love.

We all have and are liable to making mistakes over and over deserving forgiveness from our creator when we ask for it. Consider asking for his pardon and turn to him for guidance as you live each day to earn your settlement in his own time. 

Through the death of Christ, our relationship with God was restored hence, this should give us confidence that he is waiting on us to leave our wicked ways and turn to him. The Lord will not settle those who break his rules and do not ask for pardon.

As Christ said to us “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Saint Camillus offers to intercede for you when you feel guilty about the wrongs you have made. You also ought to be patient with God’s settlement as he is preparing you and giving you time to mature before transiting to another chapter in your life. 

Prayer to Saint Camillus De Lellis

“Dear Saint Camillus de Lellis, I am pleased with the certainty you have given me and I know that the settlement I will receive from my creator will be bountiful & plenty.

I will heed his directives and walk in the ways of Christ.

I am now informed about what I need to do to receive my settlement of the hardships and delays I have experienced in life.

I appeal to you most holy saint to intercede on my behalf.

Bless me and my family when we feel tested, and give us the courage to seek God’s in all forms.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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