Archangel Raphael – Healing & Salvation In Times of Need

Archangel Raphael has come today to deliver a healing message that you need to hear…

Sometimes, you may feel God has left you in your greatest pain or need, thinking that He does not know or even care. The enemy may have been screaming, informing you that God has abandoned you in such intense battles and you are about to give up.

The Lord Has Heard Your Pain

God knows the seriousness of your situation. He desires to forgive your sins and promises to heal your diseases. He feels your pain, and thus has sent his greatest healer, Archangel Raphael, to watch over you both physically and emotionally.

Archangel Raphael, also known as St. Raphael, is the angel of healing. He serves as the patron saint of people who are struggling with sickness and pain, mental affliction, spiritual fatigue, and emotional suffering.

Just like having insurance that grants indemnity from unforeseen events, he is there to cover you from all infirmities and afflictions. He will aid you in achieving a sound mind, body, and spirit. Events may occur with or without your expectation, but St. Raphael provides ease of mind.

Everything starts from your thoughts then it leads into actions. These are unhealthy thought patterns that are headed towards addiction like pornography, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, and so on. You may be struggling with these notions without your knowing, and time will come that these notions will take you away from God.

St. Raphael will come amid your depressed condition and will help you forgive yourself for the times you did not know if it was right or wrong. What felt like a mistake is a lesson of what is not right for you, and it does not mean you failed.

He will safeguard and redirect your thoughts to incline with God’s perspective and His plans for your life. He is assigned to guide you in breaking free from negativity and overcoming addiction by replacing it with a healthier mindset and habits for you to be accustomed to.

I Am Always Walking Amongst You

St. Raphael grants petitions and promises to walk alongside you through the healing process of whatever ailments you face.

He will guide medical practitioners to make the right decisions in providing you the medical attention that you need. He will ensure that you are being prescribed accurate medications, have a safe surgery, eat nutritious meals, and have sufficient rest.

There are moments that he answers your prayers for healing just by nudging you through your thoughts, dreams, or signs. Take heed and listen to his calm yet powerful voice for your speedy recovery.

You are not made for yourself alone. You were born to build relationships and believe that some are worth restoring and worth holding on to.

St. Raphael feels and understands how crushed your heart is when unfortunate circumstances happen. He will help you recover from breakups from romantic relationships and grief due to losing a loved one.

Allow him to be your strength to patiently endure. He will give you the grace and comfort to let go, adjust, and move on, guaranteeing that God is on your side.

A deeper root affects your entire well-being, and it is your spiritual health.

Your spiritual health is St. Raphael’s priority. He made a covenant with God to examine your heart, cleanse it from being rooted in sin, and make it upright through the forgiveness of your sins.

He aims to secure and restore your soul. He is committed to direct you in the paths of righteousness for God’s sake. Victory has been ordained. It is an assurance that there is a shield protecting you from all the wiles of the enemy.

Believe every healing prayer is heard, and your tears are seen. Your help is at hand, and it is custom-tailored for you in an unexpected way.

Archangel Raphael Devotional Prayer

St. Raphael, holy archangel and patron saint of healing, I thank God for your compassion towards humanity. I lift my needs to you. I trust your desire for complete healing, protection, and restoration to God’s original plan.

Cover me with your feathers and hide me under your wings from the arrows of the enemy. Help me take good care of my body to recover from my illnesses. Relieve me from my past hurts and help me focus my thoughts and feelings in God’s perspective.

St. Raphael, forgive me from my unrighteousness. Inspire me to possess healthy spiritual habits to deepen my faith in God through prayer and meditation.

Fill me with love and support in ministering to those who are desperately in need of healing and encouragement. Through the power of Jesus Christ — the Great Physician — help me rise from my old sinful life to a new creation. Thank you for your constant covering and tireless care. Amen.

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