Saint Ives – Patron Saint of Lawyers & Abandoned Children

Submitting Your Claims When Your Insurance Is Already In Place

Sent to you today by Our Lady is the patron saint of lawyers and abandoned children, St. Ives, to bring you a message that she has heard your cries and watched you go through hardship. Rejoice because she will submit the claims on your behalf to the heavens.

Making A Home Insurance Claim

We often worry that we have spent too much money keeping ourselves insured yet there are still unforeseen risks that may occur.

Whenever our homes are damaged, we end up suffering losses which may take up a great toll on us. However, if we have insured our homes, we are eligible to make insurance claims which eases the burden on us.

Today we are reminded that heaven is our eternal home and our actions here on earth determine whether we will receive homeownership. Sometimes we focus too much on insuring our homes here on earth yet we have not insured our heavenly homes.

The book of John 14:2-3 is an assurance that God’s house has much room and Jesus went to prepare a place for us.

He promised that when he comes back, He will take us to be with him so that we may also be where he is. Saint Ives is sent to advise us that we should strive to live well so that we can be eligible to make claims on our heavenly homeownership.

Whenever you feel like you do not belong here, Saint Ives assures you that your home is heaven and urges you to continue living and walking along the righteous path so that you can secure your claims on your eternal home.

Making A Health Insurance Claim

We never know when we get sick and health insurance is of great help whenever sickness knocks at our doors.

Our guardian angels see how fast our spiritual health deteriorates even though our physical health is fine even before we can notice it. Although we may feel okay, our lives begin to retrogress, and if we do not realize and seek help early enough, we risk getting to an advanced stage of our spiritual illness.

We should seek the intercession of Saint Ives to help us realize whenever we are spiritually sick as early as the symptoms begin to show. This will ensure we seek treatment early enough and also reduce the cost of our health insurance.

We are informed today that the holy spirit is our health insurance and we should let him take control of our lives.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised his disciples that He would never leave them alone but instead he would send them a helper. Sure enough to the promise, forty days later the disciples received the holy spirit. Saint Ives is urging us that we need the holy spirit as insurance to protect us from spiritual illness. 

The book of Matthew 12:31-32 indicates that any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven but the blasphemy against the holy spirit shall not be forgiven.

Saint Ives assures you that the Holy Spirit will protect you and comfort you in your times of need. Because you are a child of God and for your spiritual health, the agent of claims will make a holy spirit claim on your behalf to the heavens.

Making A Financial Insurance Claim

Life is a blend of high and low seasons and we ought to adjust accordingly and plan.

Sometimes we suffer unexpected losses which necessitates that we get financial insurance to minimize the costs of the aftermath.

There are days we will expect God to grant us our petitions but He will not. We will cry day and night for him to reverse our situations but He will just sit and watch us without acting.

In the Bible, God made Job suffer losses and he lost everything he had gained. He lost all his property and all his children while his health deteriorated. He got to an extent where his wife even advised him to just curse God and die since death was more pleasant than the situation he was in.

However, Job’s faith was the financial insurance that saw him endure the temptations even when he had nothing. In the end, he received a financial insurance claim of twice the wealth he had before.

Whenever we are put in a situation like Job was put in, it is easier to curse God and assume He has abandoned us.

However, Saint Ives is reminding you that receiving a financial insurance claim will be determined by whether your faith in God was insurance enough to cover the losses. You are thus called to put your faith in God even when circumstances do not seem favorable.

Prayer To St. Ives

“Oh St. Ives, the advocate of the poor, I thank you for promising to take my claims to the heavenly court. I beseech thee to intercede for me that I may put my faith in God entirely, may I insure my spiritual health with the holy spirit without ever forgetting that I should walk on the righteous path as I journey towards my heavenly home. Amen”  

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