St. Luke – Medical Miracles

St. Luke the apostle and evangelist of the Church is here today with a powerful promise. As the beloved physician of God, the beloved saint lived his life as a physician, tending to the sick and ill in health whilst working God’s miracles through his faith. He taken it upon himself to care for any medical needs and emergencies that you may be experiencing. Open your hearts to accept the loving compassion of Christ into your life and you shall also be open to receiving the multitude of miracles that will surely flow.

We are invited to make prayers for those suffering from physical illness and pain, be it yourself, loved ones or friends. St. Luke’s intercession and medical prowess shall bring forth waves of wellness and healing for all the faithful this very day.

Whenever we feel lacking in God’s miracles and feel the spark seemingly absent in our lives, it isn’t an issue of our heavenly saints lacking the power to heal our pain & afflictions, but more so the degree of our faith that allows for God’s healing miracles to work through us.

Remember that we all have been called for a specific purpose here on earth and we require faith at least the size of a mustard seed for God’s amazing medical healing to work through us and his appointed physician, St. Luke.

Cast aside worries, doubts and fear that the adversary has planted in our minds, but believe that we are worthy of healing from all sickness, disease and medical conditions. Hold on to the promise that our sins have been forgiven and we are made clean through the blood of our saviour.

When we have fixed all sickness and ailments in our hearts, only then shall the tremendous healing miracles start to manifest in our physical lives.

Miracle Recoveries Begin With Faith

When we look at the plethora of medical miracles documented by the Church, faith, more than anything else, was the foundation for their almost immediate and shocking recovery.

You must understand that when doctors make the diagnosis that a disease is incurable or potentially fatal, they are relying on the laws of science which dictates survival chance based on research and statistics. But the laws of God follows a very different order and shall defy all earthly limits that we have been placed in.

Do Not Give Up

Never resolve to fear and giving up even in the face of trying times. Sometimes our illnesses are a symptom of the spiritual fears and doubts that we have built up over the years. A person who does not keep a strong spiritual connection with the Lord is often weak in mind and body, more likely to experience poor health in coming years.

Reaffirm that our Lord is the all-powerful being who has dispatched powerful guardians to watch over us in our times of need. Whenever hope seems bleak, that is when we must renew our faith once more. For Christ has promised us that amidst the darkness there shall always be His light which calls out to us.

That is why we must reignite our passion for living a good life and develop a mindset that overcomes setbacks and seek out a life of love, goodness and hope.

You Are Deserving

As a child of the living God, not only has God called on you to join him as his chosen, but you are also deserving of all love, healing and graces that flows from Him.

To purge all doubts from our hearts we must first accept that we are deserving of all the good things that the Lord has planned for us. Call upon Him with humility and believe that your faith has made you worthy of receiving all of the healing energies that will surely come.

If you haven’t yet done so, arrange a time to go for confession this week. Cleansing our souls of our sins helps to open our hearts to the promises of the Lord. St. Luke’s divine powers of healing can only work their magic best on a clean heart and a pure mind.

Accept That You Have Been Healed

Many people tend to underestimate the power of stating your claim to God and presenting our intentions for his help. St. Luke asserts that instead of asking God to heal you from a current sickness, we should accept that the Lord has already healed us in faith.

Picture yourself with your desired end result and thank God for being a part of your healing journey. Allow these powerful affirmations to manifest in your life and accept your healing graciously.

The Right Treatment Requires The Right Lifestyle Choices

As any doctor would tell you, to make a full recovery we need to follow the proper treatment and process. If we want the power of God’s miracles to flow through us, we also need to incorporate spiritual practice into our daily routine to create a healthy lifestyle both in mind and body.

Cultivate a disposition of thankfulness in any situation so as to lift your spirit and feel your mind with powerful healing energies throughout the day.

Make prayer an integral part of your life. Just as we never skip out on taking pills or medicine for recovery, it is as important that we never miss out spiritual sessions with the Lord.

Start treating yourself as a beloved child of the Lord. This means enjoying life as it comes and putting in the effort to love ourselves wholly just as we would treat the Lord. Eat healthy meals and exercise regularly whilst taking joy in the pleasures of having a healthy body and strong connection to God.

This way we shall open the doors to St. Luke’s healing authority and medical miracles in our lives.

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