St. Michael – His Assurance Travels With You

When we embark on a journey, we are hopeful that we will arrive at our destination safely. Especially when travelling overseas, many of us are quick to purchase travel insurance in case any unforeseen dangers were to happen. This gives us slight confidence that there will be some form of aid in our time of need.

Saint Michael is here with us today to tell us about how God travels with us and grants our insurance when we step out of the door. He is disclosing to us that we shouldn’t be worried when we embark on a journey since God never lets his eyes off us. He is ready to compensate us for the energy and time in case something happens to us over the inevitability of troubles in the world we reside in.

Insurance for Your Travels

God’s insurance is readily available for everyone and doesn’t cost us a penny. We need only to accept him into our hearts in order to be connected with all the abundance of favors that He brings.

Unlike traditional insurance policies which take ages to grant evaluate and grant compensation, we know that we can rely on God’s divine might immediately when we are met with troubles along the way. The time you will spend in healing from the anguish brought about by an accident will also be repaid by your creator.

Not only does he cover our financial needs but also our physical protection and health to see us through the biggest roadblocks of our life. All you need is to remain in a relationship by according him authority over your life. Adhere to his instructions and trust your intuitions as he will use that to direct your life.  

Evaluation for God’s Assurance

Does your travel insurance compensate you even when you are at fault or negligent? God’s coverage will come regardless of whether you brought the hardships on yourself or not. His watch is upon you at all times and he does not tire from doing it.

When we commit sin, we are making a conscience choice to move further away from God and His assurance. Yet he always leaves the door open for us to repent and once more enjoy the coverage that He has generously promised.

He expects each one of us to respect the presence of others and treat them as we would like to be treated. We should not be deceived that God cannot see some places. Remember he is omnipresent and is aware of our objectives before we even come up with them.

Whether you are awake or asleep, His divine insurance covers you so you need not worry about the dangers of the world and concentrate on doing only the good work of the Lord. Sometimes we are tested and faced with difficult situations that make us despair or fearful, St. Michael wants you to know that God will never leave us in difficult circumstances without throwing us a lifeline.

Sometimes the difficult moments are merely meant to make us stronger and to grow in faith so that we may become the person that God intended for us to be. Despair is the work of the enemy, the moment you start to feel anxious is when the heart must be the strongest. Gather your faith and call upon the protection of protection of the Lord who hears and answers.

Act of God

It’s funny how insurance companies often use the term “act of God” to describe certain events that are out of human control, sometimes in a bid to weasel their way out of making claims payments.

Only Christ in His abundance may cover us for everything that is to come, and it is by His blood that we are saved from all liabilities that we have committed in the past. Saint Michael hints that to secure this assurance, we ought to surrender our lives to Christ and assent to follow him in all our days. Acknowledge the relevance God has in our lives and if it is genuine, he will not hesitate to send his help our way.

“It is the LORD who goes before you; he will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you. So do not fear or be dismayed.”

– Deuteronomy 31:8

Do you only come to God when you need certain things? God coverage extends over every part of our lives. Whilst He is there to bail us out in times of trouble, the truth is that He wants us to learn and break out of the vicious cycle of sin & despair. Only then can we truly take our place alongside him in his everlasting kingdom.

Prayer for St. Michael’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Michael, I thank you for letting me know that God’s insurance is encompassed and what to do to ensure that in case of any troubles, he will send it my way.

Intercede for me and be my everlasting insurance as I lead through life to erase my worries of the results of anything that I intend to do.

Help me not to worry about the struggles that I may face, but place my trust in the Lord who lights my path.

Steer me in the right direction and to live according to God’s directives.

Let me not seek short-term remuneration in this world, but rather in the everlasting kingdom of God.


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