St. Luke – Keep Your Software Updated

Have you ever felt that the version of yourself that you are operating on at the moment is not the best version? Any engagements in immoralities and poor choices can lead us astray and further from our ideal position in Heaven.

If the old version of ourselves is causing a strain on our relationships with others as well as God, then there is a need to “update our software” before it becomes too late. The saint patron Luke is calling upon you for a “software upgrade” by living behind that life that is pulling you behind and destroying you and everything around you.

We need to reprogram our approach to life with a genuine focus on God’s promises and love. Just like every system requires updates to prevent hacks and viruses, so to must we tend to ourselves to eliminate all threats that pull us away from God’s divine plan.

Saint Luke promises you to intercede for you in your process of upgrading your system so that you may continue to enjoy the blessings and graces that come with a fulfilled life.

Check For Updates

Feeling mentally drained, sluggish and unmotivated? Well it’s time to refresh your spirit and update your perspectives on life!

Think of our minds as an operating system – one that will function at full capacity only when we are filled with the grace of God. Thus, we should never allow our system to stay stagnated else or security to be at risk to the temptations or trials of the evil one.

Read the bible and turn to God’s word regularly to check for updates and inspiration that will keep us functioning at peak capacity. Even at times when we fell like we have everything under control – we still need to enrich ourselves and check for updates from the Lord in our lives.

When you feel like everything in your life is going well – your loved ones are healthy, your finances are looking great, your marriage is perfect, that’s when we need to upgrade ourselves too! Being too comfortable sometimes provides a false sense of security and we get complacent or end up neglecting God.

Saint Luke is therefore calling upon you to remind you of the need to keep checking your updates. He is asking you whether it is you are too comfortable at the point you are in your life that you have forsaken the creator or leading a life that is not pleasing to God. It is time for you to check your updates and improve your software system. Get rid of those viruses and threats that seek to damage your life and your relationship with God.

He is asking you to heed to the call of God to check for updates so that you may improve your life. Saint Luke urges you to live a life that is updated towards honouring God which will have your life operating productively and efficiently. He assures you to intercede for you so that your eyes may be opened to the viruses and threats that desire to destroy you and of his guidance and protection against those threats.

Backup Your System

In the process of upgrading our mental systems, we also want to ensure that we keep a good record of all the good things that we have done to glorify the Lord in name.

We want to remember the good things and that we have done by lifting up all our triumphs and acts of goodness to God everyday through prayer and thanksgiving. This helps us to easily recover and restore the feelings of goodness that we have encountered in our lives and to replicate them in the near future.

When it comes to spreading positivity and goodness, our mind functions very similarly to AI machines. Ideally we want to feed the good data that we have gathered to God, instead of constantly reinforcing bad ideas or only turning to Him when we need his help.

Saint Luke calls upon you today to ensure that you have a back-up for all your good data points to train your system to constantly seek out areas of goodness in your life.

He urges you to make daily prayers and thanksgiving as your backup plan, even in dark times. In the dark times it is very easy to despair and give up on yourself and doubt the purpose of God for you but the Saint Luke assures you that incorporating strong prayers in faith will have you conquer that which seeks to destroy.

Even though you may feel lost due to the storms in your life, prayers to God will recharge and restore you for you are not defeated despite feeling hopeless and helpless due to the eternal attacks.

Installing a Functional System

So how to we bring everything to a close and install a Christ-centred system of love and peace in our lives?

As we are constantly in the midst of upgrading ourselves daily through the word of God, it is also important to put all of our learnings into practice. Our daily activities and interactions with friends, family and acquaintances should only be fueled by the intent to seek good in our lives.

Saint Luke is calling upon us to you to make an install only principles that will allow us to seamlessly operate our daily activities to lead us closer to God. Our support system is powerful and will greatly influence our merits, performance and productivity. He urges you to involve yourself with friends that brings you closer to God and supports the general productivity of your life in each and every aspect. 

As Saint Luke suggests, you should choose wisely what you do and those you involve yourself with. He promises you of his guidance so that you may discern what is right and wrong for your spiritual and mental software as well as protect you against what is meant to bring destruction of the operating system.

Enjoy the Full Features of Your Newly Upgraded Sytem

Once you’ve fully upgraded your system, it’s important to also take heart and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

A life of righteousness and love does not have to be dull or bland, instead it promises great satisfaction and happiness if . With a well-established system in place, we should start to enjoy increased motivation, productivity and speed in our tasks.

He encourages you to have faith in God always, even in the dark times and you shall witness how you shall receive great miracles in your life. He assures you that God is a faithful God and fulfills his promises to those that are faithful to him. Living behind the sinful version of yourself and living in God you shall enjoy new blessings and receive great favor.

He promises to pray for you so that you may accept God in your life and have you enjoy the greatness and goodness from upgrading your software to the standards and will of the Lord.

Prayer To Saint Luke

“Dear Saint Luke, I am grateful for showing me the importance of upgrading my system by accepting God in my life.

Let my security never be threatened by the attempts of the Devil, but allow me to hear the word of the Lord that is ever present in my life.

I beseech thee to always guide me towards building my life on God despite the challenges that come along the way.

That I may overcome and secure victory against all that is seeking to destroy me.

Guide me and my family in your care.

This I pray in Jesus’ precious name,”

Amen 🙏

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