Saint Peter – Multiplying Wealth

When you think of the word “wealth”, do you allow the world’s perception to influence its meaning? What does it truly mean to be wealthy? Is it defined by our bank account balance? Or perhaps the number of assets, businesses or properties that we own?

Consider this. In Deuteronomy 8:18 it is written “Remember then the LORD, your God, for he is the one who gives you the power to get wealth, by fulfilling, as he has now done, the covenant he swore to your ancestors.” When the bible says that God gives us the power to accumulate wealth what do you think this wealth is referencing to?

The truth is that there are so many financial scams and “get rich quick” schemes nowadays that people keep falling for. They are so successful because they play on our inherent desire to become rich. St. Peter tells us today that the reason so many people fall victim to such devices are because we are ultimately chasing the wrong concept of “wealth”.

All wealth that is meaningful must flow from God. The disciples of Christ were one of the wealthiest people in the land, but none of them owned much assets or money. Instead, their chief focus was on their Heavenly reward.

God has abundant wealth and through him, we gain our riches, are multiplied, and are taught how to manage them. St. Peter reminds us to give a hand to those who are suffering from inadequacies as it is a way to multiply our wealth. God will offer us enough supplication so that we can be willing to help occasionally.

Insure Your Life to God

Earthly insurance is meant to compensate us with regards to the premium we had enrolled for without adding any extra coin. On the contrary, in the occurrence of a catastrophe, God’s insurance will not only reimburse us with more wealth than we have lost but also compensate us for the time we spent suffering. This time is meant to give us a chance to put into effect our goals with intention of accumulating more wealth.

God is happy when we succeed and make good use of the talents, gifts & resources that He has provided for us. He has opportunities in masses and grants them to those who do acts that delight him. His insurance is for those who admit that they cannot do without him.

He will share the privileges of his kingdom with you when you invest your life in him. God yearns for your soul and for you to live doing acts that glorify him and the reward is wealth accumulation which is a desire for most of us. Everyone wants to live a royal life where they have plenty of wealth.

To attain so, we ought to live as per God’s guidance which is illustrated through how Christ lived when he was on earth. Further, to maintain the agreement of his assurance to us, we ought to keep our trust in him, read and contemplate his word making sure we implement it in our life. 

Multiply Your Net Worth by Having God in Your Works

Your net worth exhibits the wealth you own. To have an increment in your net worth, Saint Peter suggests you involve God in every activity that’s meant to reap some gains. It is by having him be part of your works or investment you intend to make that you get the certainty of a good harvest. If you do acts that draw him towards you, you will be securing wealth accumulation. Attract him by sharing with the needy, obeying his commands, living in salvation, and loving each other. Therefore, everything you will need will be granted to you thus certifying more wealth and thus a higher net worth.

As you seek God in your works, you ought to first make a contribution in your lives and not act as consumers of the earth since he will hold you accountable for how you invest your life. Invest your time in making efforts to know him, accepting his son in your hearts, and working towards practicing his word. This will see you make a difference for eternity as well as for your stay on earth securing an increment in your net worth. 

Moreover, God will send you signs of caution when you are making a decision that might bring you to loss. Be attentive to discern any sign sent to you and ensure you do everything as instructed. Do not complain when you are denied the chance to open a certain business since he has already perceived the results and they might not have a good impact on you. Also, remember to use this wealth for God’s glory so that you can secure more. If you are going to use it to mistreat others over the feeling of superiority, God will take it away from you and grant the person you are showing oppression.

Secure Your Properties in the Lord

All wealth belongs to God and he alone shares it with those he sees as befitting it. Therefore, to secure his properties which are destined to last forever, you need to obey him, incorporate him in your undertakings, and praise him at all times. You need to recognize him in your life and you will vouch for the results of living a life that pleases him.

Properties from God will last you till your last day on earth. They are meant to bring you more wealth if you leverage them right and they are not susceptible to damage or burglary. Purpose to live a life that matches Christ’s, and you’ll never go short of God’s properties. They will bring a transformation in your life and you will delight all your life. Grow your faith in him and he will release everything he has held for you as rewards.

Prayer for St. Peter’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Peter, I am grateful for giving me ideas on how I can multiply my wealth through the Lord.

I will follow every step needed for me to gain God’s wealth which is less likely to be demolished by any situation.

Help me to grow wealthy, not simply in the financial sense, but in ways that are meaningful to God.

Let the poor say I am rich, by my compassion and charity.

And shower me with your blessings all the days of my life.”

St. Peter, pray for us.


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