Saint Dwynwen – The Law of Love

If you had one superpower, what would you choose? We often think of powers as something extraordinary that only heroes in movies possess, but St. Dwynwen is reminding you of the greatest power that you possess – love.

As our Lord taught us, in every situation, every challenge or adversity, the answer is always to give love. When asked what was the greatest commandment Jesus said,

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind…the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

God’s law of love is supreme, and if you havent been practicing it to the fullest then today is a reminder to bank on your God-given talents to spread justice & love to whoever you meet.

Just as a lawyer is commissioned to protect his client’s interests, today St. Dwynwen wants you to know that you are empowered as a lawyer of Christ. And your mandate is to uphold the law of love that God has announced to the world. No matter how small you think you may be, every voice carries weight and the power to move mountains if applied effectively. Let God show you the way and guide you in your endeavors.

The Call to Justice

For too long have God’s people been keeping in the shadows. Christ did not intend for his flock to be meek and silent in the ongoings of the world. We are called, not to simply to preach the word of God, but to show by example how our love for others can transform lives.

Love always begins with us. If we want others to turn from their sinful ways and accept Christ in their hearts, then we must first show them how Christ has made an impact in our lives. To teach them by our actions, instead of mere words – this is the crux of our mission on earth.

In this ever-changing world where cultures and morals are being slowly eroded, how do we differentiate right from wrong? How do we know the true justice that we must follow?

Though the world is constantly changing, Christ’s universal truths are ever constant. Do not be quick to follow the whims and fancies of the media as they are fickle and can change overnight. Instead we should only follow the laws of God and take them as the foundation of our search for justice and peace.

Advocate for Others

As lawyers of God’s love we too are called to defend others who are in need. Even if we have biases towards a group of people, or different political views and interests, our love for our fellow men should not be tarnished.

It is God’s teaching that every one, no matter how sinful or lost, can receive salvation should he or she repent. Our place is not to judge, for the Heavenly father is the only supreme judge who’s sentence counts. Instead we are simply meant to act as advocates for justice, and speak up for those who are unable to defend themselves.

God will grant us the strength and will to carry out our divine mission.

Do Not Let Injustice Flourish

When we see injustice happening around us, do we dare to speak up? Or do we stay our tongues for fear or judgement or reprisal? How can we claim to love our fellow men if we do not stand up for what’s right.

Evil triumphs when good men sit idle and do nothing. Since we have proclaimed to love the Lord and to uphold His laws, then we must lead by example.

To keep and keep love alive, we must not be afraid to stand up for what’s right. You who have been set aflame by the light of Christ, and the protection of the divine father. Go forth and fear nothing, only speak the truth and love relentlessly. For our father who see’s all and hears all, will empower you with His spirit.

Prayer for St. Dwynwen’s Intercession

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank you for choosing me to be a part of your flock and for revealing to me the divine justice that I must follow.

Help me to be an advocate for those you are repressed.

Give me strength that I may lift up others in their time of need.

With all the injustice happening in the world, empower me that I may make a difference.

Help me to right the wrongs that I see, not through violence or anger,

But by showing great love and kindness as your son has taught us.

St. Dwynwen, pray for us.

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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