St. Francis Xavier – Don’t Run Out of Gas

If you own a car, you’ll know how important it is to constantly check on your gas level so that you avoid instances of unexpectedly running out of gas.

None of us wants to be that “lucky” guy you ran out of fuel on the road and gets stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The same thing applies metaphorically with our spiritual health levels. If you feel low on energy, motivation and struggle to be productive then it’s likely you may be experiencing burn out.

Thankfully God doesn’t leave us stranded or alone to fend for ourselves.

The Patron saint of missions, Saint Francis Xavier, is coming to remind us that we are on a mission here on earth. When God created us and formed us in our mothers’ wombs, he knew the purpose he placed in us hence our lives here on earth are just for the sake of accomplishing it.

Sometimes we get so distracted by our lives here on earth that we do not realize that our spiritual gas levels are depleting. We are thus called upon to be vigilant and on the look out to ensure that our energy levels are always at their highest to face whatever may come our way.

The True Universal Power Source

Ever been on a retreat and feeling the super motivated for a week, and then experiencing those motivation levels slowly crash back down?

Most of the time we tend to assume that it is the responsibility of our gas supplier, who is God, to keep checking on our gas levels and refilling us when the need arises.

We often tend to drive away with gas tank filled up, ready to take on the world and only come back to him once everything is depleted and we need urgent assistance.

Saint Francis Xavier is reminding us that we need our spiritual gas supplier in all phases of our lives. While there are moments we tend to feel fulfilled, the reality is that our hearts will forever be restless and empty for it is only in him that we can find comfort.

The key to constantly staying full of energy & life is to make strong habits to spend time in the Lord.

We are called upon to learn to appreciate our supplier regardless of our spiritual gas levels. Instead of waiting to run out of gas so that we seek him, we should learn to connect with him and thank him for always being ready to refill us when we are empty.

When we learn to appreciate, we will be in a position to receive numerous blessings for our supplier never runs out of supply.

The Price of Gas

While the price of the earthly gas keeps on increasing, the price of spiritual gas has never changed. It is not dependent on the economic stages but instead it is given to us free of charge.

The blood of Jesus was the one and final price that was paid for the sake of humanity and it was enough. For this reason, God does not require us to offer unto him burnt offerings or animal sacrifices just so he can answer our intentions or refill our spiritual gases. 

Saint Francis Xavier is reminding us that in the course of executing our earthly missions, we shall come across plenty of challenges that if we do not stay ready, they may push us off our course.

Due to this reason, we need to hold unto our faith and cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. God is accessible to all of us hence there is no barrier to seeking him and asking for his guidance as we journey through life. 

Reignite Your Spiritual Flame

Fuel in itself isn’t very useful, it is only when we can fully utilize it for powering our various appliances that it suddenly becomes so valuable.

As human beings we are very talented and God has put in us different abilities to enable us to execute our missions. However, most of the time we tend to struggle very much trying to figure out our way. We tend to miss out on different opportunities just because we think we do not have what is needed yet in reality we already have the spiritual gas and what is missing is just the flame.

St. Francis tells us to always ensure that we turn on the gas switch to facilitate our mission. He reveals to us that obedience to God is the lighter required to ignite the gas switch.

When we obey God, we appease the heavens and open up ourselves to receiving numerous blessings. He comes to our aid and assists us whenever we call out to him. Through obeying God, our spiritual flame will remain burning.

Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier

“Dear patron saint of missions, I thank you for revealing to me the need to check my spiritual gas levels.

I pray that you may intercede for me that God may keep on supplying me with the necessary motivation & energy to help me navigate through life.

Let me never fall into laziness or procrastination.

Let me never neglect to seek the Lord and acknowledge him as the source of all power.

Help me to recognize the moments when my fire burns low,

and to seek God every day of my life that I may be strengthened with his divine will.

Help me to always obey God and seek to ensure my spiritual flame is burning brightly.”


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