St. Anthony – Extended Travel Coverage

Life can mean many things to each of us at different stages of growth. As we journey, our paces and stages are very different from each other. While someone might be enjoying the smooth section of the road, you might be on the rough and bumpy section and for this reason you should appreciate each step you take for at the end of the road, you will appreciate every single mile as well as the entire distance you covered.

St. Anthony has come with exciting news today! Whilst your travels may seem hard and long at times, or sweet and beautiful in others, you are never alone in your journey.

As God has brought us to life to explore this vast and amazing world that he created, so to does He send his beloved angels & saints to provide us with heavenly insurance on the road. The faith that we nurture each day keeps us near to him and protect us from inconveniences or damage to our personal belongings.

Safety First

In the journey of life, you have to live by the mantra ‘safety first’ for you to survive and get to your destination in one piece. Just like car owners insure their cars, we are called upon to be insured on the road of life by ensuring we seek God’s will. Failure to seek the will of God will only result in us wandering aimlessly like lost sheep without a sense of direction for we shall have no clarity of purpose. Leading a life without seeking God’s will is equivalent to driving on the road without a car insurance since one will be unprotected. 

Before starting a journey, a driver has to go round the car and check if it has a flat tire. Sin is the flat tire that puts us at risk and hinders us from having a smooth journey. Today we are being challenged; how many times do we conduct a self-check to evaluate whether we have sinned against God before praying? Do we take some time to meditate, repent and seek the forgiveness of God?

Upon getting into the car, a driver has to put on the safety belt and adjust the mirrors for their safety. Saint Anthony is urging us to put on faith as our safety belt so that when faced by the waves of life we remain in place. 

The Correct Vehicle

The patron saint of recovery of lost things is reminding you that when God created you, he placed in you a mission that you have to execute. He laid a path for you to journey along and it is your responsibility to find out what your purpose in life is. Your purpose in life is the vehicle that ensures you get to the right destination. If you miss out on the purpose you were created for, you will be boarding the wrong vehicle and the end result is that you will land on the wrong destination. 

Perhaps you are wondering; “How do I know that I am in the correct vehicle?”.

Saint Anthony is revealing to you that when you are in the correct vehicle you will not have any anxiety of the future for you have faith and trust in your driver even when you cannot see them. In the right vehicle, you will be at peace and your heart will be at ease no matter the mileage traveled and finally, protection will be your portion.

On the other hand, if you happen to be in the wrong vehicle, all the signs will be clear. Your life will be clouded with worries, fear and darkness.

Making Repairs

If a vehicle is involved in a minor accident it has to be taken to the garage for repairs to be made. Today you are reminded that God is your mechanic and you need to go to him when you are broken, for he alone has the power to fix you.

A car owner who’s car is insured has less worries because the insurance covers the cost of the repairs. On the other hand if a car is not insured, the owner has to bear all the costs. Whenever you have God as your insurer, life becomes a smooth ride for you have the assurance that you are protected. 

Saint Anthony is inviting you today to submit your entire being to God and let him fix you. The world may see you as a worthless sinner and you may begin to feel inferior, yet you are assured that God is capable of repairing you. Though your sins are as red as scarlet, it is the Lord who will make you as white as snow. 

Prayer for Saint Anthony’s Guidance

“Dear St. Anthony, as I travel along long and narrow road I pray that you will be with me by my side.

If I should lose my sense of direction, come to my aid and rescue me.

If I should fall or stumble, help me to get back on my feet.

And if I should venture boldly in the search of the Lord, protect me from all that seek to harm.

As I navigate through the journey of my life, intercede from me that I may make God my sole insurer and I may travel in the right vehicle that will lead me towards his direction.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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